Validating Database Rollbacks

July 24, 2020
Validating Database Rollbacks

Learn how to pre-validate your Liquibase deployment and have a rollback ready — just in case you need it.

Have you ever needed to rollback a database change after a production deployment? The situation is already stressful — something is broken in production. When you rollback, you want to KNOW that it’s going to work.

Liquibase Enterprise provides you with that assurance.

As you package your SQL scripts, you have the option to test the corresponding rollback scripts at the same time. When you do this, Liquibase Enterprise will validate the SQL scripts as well as the rollback scripts. If the rollbacks fail to revert the database back to its original state, then the build fails, and you’re alerted. The Liquibase command returns an error that you’ll see on the command line.

Liquibase packager validates before artifact is created

All you have to do is fix the error in the rollback script and re-commit the updated script to source control. The packaging process will start again, verify your scripts, and it will only complete successfully when everything works correctly.

Since all of this is done in the first environment, the rollback is available for any stage of the release pipeline. By the time database changes make it to production, any problems that occur can now be quickly and safely reverted using the validated rollback scripts — peace-of-mind in a stressful moment.

Want to learn more about rollback validation and other database release automation features? Watch a demo or contact us with your questions.

Article author
Kevin Chappell VP Engineering & Community Management