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Liquibase is led by a senior team of innovators with deep experience in IT Automation, DevOps, open-source, and application release management systems. With a pedigree that includes companies such as Phurnace (acquired by BMC), BuildForge (acquired by IBM), Gazzang (acquired by Cloudera), Alcatel-Lucent (acquired by Nokia), RedHat, and MariaDB, the team has created enterprise-class solutions deployed at some of the world’s most admired companies.

Dion Cornett
President & CEO

Dion has over a decade of open-source leadership experience from Red Hat and MariaDB. He previously served as CEO of ReachForce, a B2B marketing and sales software provider that was acquired by Leadspace. Dion was the VP of global sales at MariaDB Corporation, where he set the company on a course to become one of the fastest growing open-source database providers with more than 12 million users worldwide.

Patti Soch

Patti brings over 25 years of financial and management experience to Liquibase. She is responsible for the areas of finance, investor and banking relations, legal, HR, facilities, and accounting. Patti is actively involved in the Austin community and is an advisory board member for the CFO Leadership Council and serves on the board of directors for Women@Austin.

Robert Reeves
Co-Founder & CTO

Robert advocates for Liquibase customers and provides technical architecture leadership. Prior to co-founding Datical (now Liquibase), Robert was a Director at the Austin Technology Incubator. Robert co-founded Phurnace Software in 2005. He invented and created the flagship product, Phurnace Deliver, which provides middleware infrastructure management to multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Pete Pickerill
Co-Founder & Head of Product Experience

Pete is a software industry veteran who has built his career in Austin’s technology sector. Pete co-founded Datical (now Liquibase) and heads Product Experience. His ability to understand product demands from a customer’s perspective and translate those demands into actionable product and development plans has led to expanded duties at everywhere he’s worked.

Kevin Chappell
VP Engineering & Community Management

Kevin is a technology executive with over 20 years of experience managing teams and developing SaaS, client-server, desktop applications database tools and business automation software. Prior to joining Datical, Kevin held a variety of positions from software engineer to CTO. Kevin holds a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

Nathan Voxland
Engineer & Project Founder of Liquibase

Nathan founded Liquibase in 2006 to enable easier tracking of database changes, especially in agile software development environments. Over the last decade, the Liquibase open-source project has become the de facto standard for database change management. Nathan is focused on expanding the Liquibase community and providing strategic insight into the development of future Liquibase products.

Ben Brown
Senior Director of Engineering

Ben brings over 15 years of Saas experience to Liquibase. At Liquibase, Ben started as a Professional Services Engineer and quickly advanced to become the Senior Director of Engineering. In this role, he oversees the architecture and development of all Liquibase products. Ben holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT.