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Liquibase Open Source & Liquibase Pro Supported Databases

Liquibase supports databases with integrations maintained by Liquibase as well as the open source community and our partners. All provide functionality in-line with their verified testing levels outlined below however maintenance, updates, and fixes are managed by the maintainer. As a result support commitments differ between the two sets of supported databases.

Liquibase works with the greatest number and variety of databases and has established the standard for managing database change with speed, security, and reliability.  The databases supported for Liquibase Open Source and Liquibase Pro are categorized by verification level to provide confidence and clarity on how we support these databases for our customers and community.  See our database verification levels for more details.

Liquibase maintained databases
Liquibase provides full support of these databases. This includes code fixes, updates, and enhancements.
3rd party maintained databases
Liquibase provides best-effort support of these databases. Liquibase will assist with root cause analysis, provide workarounds, and advise on alternative solutions as appropriate. We cannot guarantee updates or SLAs for resolution of reported issues.

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