CI/CD for the database

Release database code the same way you release application code. Achieve true continuous integration and deployment for the database, seamlessly integrated with the rest of your DevOps processes.

CI/CD for databases using Liquibase

Liquibase allows you to create a trigger that updates the database automatically by pointing to the changelog file. From here, it makes it easy to integrate the process into your overall CI/CD process:

Push changeset files to changelog in Git repository

Execute your CI/CD workflow from your DevOps platform

CI/CD triggers Liquibase for database updates following workflows defined in LIquibase Flow Files

Liquibase executes Quality Checks to ensure changes match desired format, behavior, and policy

Liquibase automatically executes any new changelog files when checks successfully complete

CI/CD Expert Guide

CI/CD for Databases: A Guide for Bringing Database Changes into Your CI/CD Pipeline

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