Need Liquibase support? You’ve come to the right place.

Everyone needs a little help from time-to-time. Our experienced support engineers give you the guidance you need so you can get the most out of Liquibase’s powerful version control, database change management, and deployment capabilities.

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Standard and Premium (24×7) support are available with any edition you choose. Contact us to learn more.

 Basic SupportStandard SupportPremium SupportAlso includes
Liquibase ProAvailableAvailable
Liquibase BusinessAvailableKnowledge base*
Liquibase EnterpriseAvailableKnowledge base*
– Training and Implementation Services

– Technical Account Management

* Knowledge base of detailed guides for implementing database CI/CD

Forums, chat, training, and documentation are available for all Liquibase users.

Support levels and SLAs

Premium Support
Hours of availability12×5112×5124×7
Sev14 hr2 / 16 hrs32 hr2 / 4 hrs32 hr2 / 4 hrs3
Sev21 business day2 / 1 week34 hrs2 / 16 hrs32 hr2 / 8 hrs3
Sev32 business days2 / 8 business days31 day2 / 1 week38 hrs2 / 1 week3
Sev43 business days2 / 10 business days33 business days2 / 10 business days33 business days2 / 10 business days3
Sev510 business days2 / 30 business days310 business days2 / 30 business days310 business days2 / 30 business days3

17am-7pm CT (GMT-6), Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays. 2Initial response. 3Target resolution response.

Issue impact and description

  • Sev1 – Catastrophic Failure – all work has halted or a work stoppage is imminent. The application system is unavailable or unusable.
  • Sev2 – Application Inoperable/Data Corrupted – an application in the system is not working or has limited capability and the problem significantly impacts the customer. Or, data is being corrupted and work must be stopped to avoid further corruption/loss of data.
  • Sev3 – Feature not working as documented – application has issues that can impact customer but that do not stop customer from performing daily business. Or, issues for which there is a reasonable workaround.
  • Sev4 – Informational Question/Cosmetic Issue – problem/question with day-to-day operational issues, cosmetic problem with user interface, error in documentation
  • Sev5 – Enhancement Request – request from customer for new features or changes in the functionality of existing features.

Liquibase tracks issues from the time reported to the time the issue is resolved with priority response given to the highest severity issues. All issues are closed when a resolution or fix is available to Liquibase customers. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may request that the issue be re-opened.

Additional support is available

Need help with implementation? Need 24×7 support for your team? We’ve got your back. Reach out to us and we’ll provide you with more options.

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