Liquibase Manifesto

Here are the values which guide the Liquibase organization, culture, and remote work.

  1. We uphold our values of integrity, empathy, and accountability.
  2. We encourage teamwork and celebrate achievements.
  3. No punks, no jerks. We are committed to helping each other succeed and grow, and value our diverse backgrounds and experience.
  4. Flexible working hours over set working hours. The results of work over the hours put in.
  5. We empower people to challenge the status quo in surprising ways. This includes questioning meetings, processes, and product direction.
  6. It is the DRI’s (Directly Responsible Individual) responsibility to inform and include others.
  7. We write down processes and make them easy to find.
  8. We are transparent, and we value & strive to accept feedback.
  9. Everyone can contribute, but the buck stops with the DRI. After a decision is made, we don’t re-hash it and we stand behind it unless significant information presents itself.
  10. We create raving fans.

What we value

Our core values are rooted in three main pillars — People, Integrity and Excellence.

Liquibase Halloween Party

No punks. No jerks.

We don’t tolerate “punks or jerks”, politics, and don’t worry about who gets credit. We enjoy our work and the team around us.

Liquibase zoom

Run to trouble.

We are uncompromising on integrity. We are truthful and value respectful candor. We make and keep commitments to each other, our customers and our shareholders.

celebrating a birthday

Get it done. Do it right.

Excellence requires being committed to how you do things. It’s about knowing what to do and getting it done.

Holiday party

Be courageous. Mistakes are okay.

We seek to hire and retain the best. We value courage, intelligence and passion in one another. Every company wants “A Players” and we are no different.

Summer Boat Day

Communicate and be transparent.

By the way, delivering on customer success is part of how we define integrity. We seek to do it right.

All-hands champions

Innovate. You won’t be ignored.

It’s about solving the problem “all of the way” and making a positive impact. We are serious about what we do while not taking ourselves too seriously.