You wouldn’t develop app code without version control. You shouldn’t develop database code without it, either.

Imagine a world where your team always knows which version of the database they should use, you can achieve consistent database builds and releases, and you know exactly who made which changes and why. Pretty great, right?

Liquibase provides version control for your database

Order changes and standardize development to make reviews, audits, and troubleshooting a breeze.

liquibase database changelog

Meet the changelog

With Liquibase, changes are managed with one ledger using a unique identification scheme so it’s easy to manage and order database changes. Liquibase eliminates developer conflicts and collisions since there are multiple factors that drive the uniqueness of a given change. It’s also easy to reorder changes in the changelog when you need to roll out changes to lower environments.

How Liquibase Works
liquibase database changelog

Built for modern dev teams

Robust capabilities make branching and merging easy. You control when, where, and how database changes are deployed. Eliminate the need for rework so your developers and DBAs can focus on what’s important.

Why you need version control
for your database

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Keeping your database schema changes in version control makes it easy for teams to coordinate, no matter where they are in the world.

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Improve visibility

Version control gives you a better view of your workflow. It can help you understand what work is in progress, who’s doing it, and why.

Visibility with Liquibase Hub
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Fail safe

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Using Liquibase for database version control for provides an easy way to roll back scripts. Targeted rollbacks can even help you rollback an entire update based on deployment ID.

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Database Version Control

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"Liquibase is like Git for databases"

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"I love using Liquibase. I don’t want to think about doing database releases without it anymore."


"Liquibase is a great tool that changed the way I manage database changes."

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