Innovate faster with database DevOps

Automated, secure, and compliant database change management pipelines that accelerate delivery and reduce toil.

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The complete database change management solution

Secure automated change management

Deploy fully automated pipelines with version control, tracking, configurable CI/CD, drift detection and integration with your application pipelines.



Get full visibility into your change management pipelines. Monitor performance and drive continuous improvement.


Ensure consistent processes aligned with standards and best practices are in place. Automate documentation to simplify audits.

Built with and supported by our community

Downloaded over 100 million times, Liquibase is built on an open source foundation that includes version control, tracking, automated deployment, and rollback capabilities.


Database DevOps with Liquibase

Define and deploy change management pipelines

Use Liquibase Flows to quickly define, standardize, simplify, and govern your workflows.

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Reduce errors and meet/exceed SLAs with automated change validation

Use customizable Quality Checks to accelerate deployment, improve reliability, and reduce toil as part of database CI/CD process.

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Ship with confidence and reduce time to remediation

Rollback specific changesets, regardless of subsequent deployments. Use Flows to automatically ensure errors can be addressed without creating additional failures.

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Monitor out of process change to improve database security

Diff and Drift Reporting allows for early detection of errors and attacks to accelerate resolution and avoid your data being compromised.

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Stay compliant and gain full process auditability

Enforce change management policy aligned to best practices for your industry. Ensure data security with automated change as code. Automatically record all change events.

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Observe change management performance

Automatically capture all events, as well as necessary custom fields, in your change management pipeline to track DevOps metrics to drive continuous improvement and create custom visualizations to track and optimize delivery performance.

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Deploy from the CLI

Eliminate context switching and allow developers to initiate pipelines from within their IDE.

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Store database changelogs in source control.

Store and modify app and database code in one location.

Write SQL as you always have.

Avoid limitations of JDBC and automate using existing complex, database-specific, SQL scripts.

Standardize across over 60 databases

With the broadest coverage of SQL, NoSQL, and Data Warehouses, Liquibase can help securely accelerate change management across teams and data workloads.

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Loved by the community, loved by customers

Don’t just take our word for it.

Liquibase has helped us with implementing reliable version control and a CI/CD pipeline for our data warehousing needs. The space for database version control leaves a lot to be desired, but thankfully Liquibase has that covered! We have paired Liquibase with GitHub and GitHub actions to reliably ensure all of our environments are in sync and easily track our deployments.

Mitchell Cooper

Data Engineer

As database administrator and consultant, Liquibase is a great tool. It frees up DBA time to manually sync database schema between DEV, TEST and PROD environments. By doing schema comparison programally, it gives me the peace of mind that all database objects are identical between different environments. We could also delegate the task to operation team.

Feng Cai

Database Consultant - ProServe (Database Migration)

"An ease of error-prone and quick database deployments both on-prem and on cloud integrated with CI/CD DevOps Automation."


Lead DBA

Liquibase brought our database changes and data correction processes up to speed with our code deploys which were already automated. It allows us to rely on automated validation as well as fit into our current software development lifecycle processes and CM software using a central versioned artifact capable of being deployed through our current CD pipeline.

Joe Albano

Senior Configuration Management Advisor

We use the Liquibase tool for DB deployment automations using the CICD process. It helped us a lot by reducing human error with the standard audit reporting structure integrated with it.

Nagendra Sekharamantri

DevOps Engineer

"Use Cases and Deployment Scope We use Liquibase to handle version control and source code control of SQL scripts and database changes and for the deployment and (if needed) rollback of the same. It's helped us go from arbitrary SQL changes that we tried to manually track, to having a reliable, repeatable, accurate account of what's in our database structure."

David Williams

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Liquibase addresses challenges related to database schema management, version control, collaboration, and deployment automation. Its scope of use cases spans software development, CI/CD, microservices, data migration, compliance. As applications evolve, the database schema might require refactoring. Liquibase supports the controlled refactoring of database structures while preserving data integrity.

Henry Brit

Lead Engineer

"We use Liquibase to maintain our changelogs while transforming our data in snowflake and deploying it to test and prod. Liquibase changelogs help us keep up to date with our changes and do the rollback in case of any error. Liquibase also provides many validation features that will come in handy if you want to establish checks during your code deployment. It's a great product with excellent customer service."

Pratik Lamsal

DevOps Engineer

Change log management organize and database changes in a systematic manner. Changes are organized into a series of change sets, each representing a specific change or a set of related changes.

Peter Lu

Senior Backend Engineer

I love the flexibility with the schema changes. I don't have to restrict my team to "only XML" way. It is possible to come up with schema changes in YAML and JSON, which is the order of game nowadays.

Hari K

PostgreSQL Consultant

Find the Liquibase solution that meets your needs

Whether you’re looking for a tool to help your dev team increase velocity or a full CI/CD automation and observability solution, Liquibase can help.

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More than automation

Treating database change as code increases the speed of software delivery while improving security and compliance. It's time to bring DevOps to the database and outpace the competition.

Build trust with your customers

Improve reliability and secure sensitive customer information by enforcing policy to ensure separation of duties and limit access to sensitive data. In the event that something goes wrong, Liquibase provides you with a full audit trail so you can quickly identify the issue and use targeted rollbacks to fix it.