Liquibase helps teams release software faster by bringing DevOps to the database

Code as fast as your ideas can take you

Accelerate your development workflow and get your
game-changing applications into the hands of users, faster.

Work freely, faster, together

Collaborate efficiently with tools you already use, enabling true CI/CD for the database.

Deliver database-driven innovation

Scale database deployments and business impact while simplifying governance and staying compliant.

liquibase database changelog

It’s time to treat database code like app code

Liquibase lets you track, version, and deploy database code with the velocity to match your application code. So you can collaborate easier, deliver faster, and make breakthroughs—not bottlenecks.

How Liquibase Works
liquibase database changelog

Without automation, CI/CD fails at the database

Liquibase automates database schema change so your developers can code at full speed, collaborate freely with the whole team, and deliver continuously with confidence.

Database CI/CD
Liquibase Hub Operations

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Organize, monitor, and visualize Liquibase database change activity in real time, increasing team collaboration and deployment success.

Liquibase Hub
Liquibase Hub Operations

Liquibase has been downloaded over 75 million times.

See why developers around the world <3 Liquibase.

Powered by open source innovation

The Liquibase project is fueled by fast development and a rapidly growing user base — tested, proven, and supported by the Liquibase experts who know it best.

Why Liquibase?

Liquibase removes the manual, mindless tasks that keep your team from innovating and reduces the friction for teams that depend on each other to deliver.

Manual database changes slow your ability to deliver and your team’s ability to collaborate. Every manual review and validation of every database change in every script is costing your organization precious time and money.

Meanwhile, bad schema changes still sneak through to production—jeopardizing application uptime and putting data at risk for theft.

We created Liquibase to solve the important but time-intensive task of database schema updates. Automate the process and eliminate time-consuming back-and-forths between devs and DBAs and make your databases safer, easily auditable, and compliant.

Our products scale

From solutions for individual developers experimenting with open source to enterprise teams that need advanced compliance features, we’ve got your database schema change covered.

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Here’s what Liquibase users have to say

"Liquibase has completely changed how we look at and approach schema migrations. Changesets are quick, clean, and easily repeatable across our fleet. Thanks to Liquibase, we built out a reliable GitOps solution that drives efficiencies across the organization."

Erin Kolp Manager of Infrastructure Engineering

"We were making great progress on our Agile, Cloud, and DevOps initiatives, but we noticed the weak link in the process was the database. Liquibase support is faster than other tools in our environment and their integration with our tools is awesome."

Camilo Piedrahita Macías Head of DevOps & Database Management