Banks & insurance companies that use Liquibase see big improvements

Using Liquibase helps financial services customers release quality software, faster by removing the database bottleneck.
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Measure Your Database Pipeline

3 main challenges
preventing financial services companies
from realizing their CI/CD potential

dba manual review
Manual reviews

Manual database script reviews slow your ability to deliver and your team’s ability to collaborate.

database script error
Database script errors

Bad schema changes sneak through to production—jeopardizing uptime and putting data at risk for theft.

compliance risk
Compliance risks

Compliance with banking and privacy regulations slows down the process makes audits difficult.

Release software faster & safer by bringing DevOps to the database with Liquibase

More releases, faster

Accelerate your database workflow and get features into the hands of users, faster.

Create a repeatable process

Collaborate efficiently with tools you already use, enabling true CI/CD for the database.

Eliminate risk

Scale database deployments while reducing errors, simplifying governance, and staying compliant.

Applying DevOps principles and automation to our database processes is vital to our product delivery strategy. The work we have done in this area with Liquibase helps us standardize our overall release process, reduces human errors, and improves code quality. That means we are able to deliver innovation to our customers faster with reduced operational cost and risk.

Russell Webster VP and Senior Manager of Delivery Tools & Services at Zions Bancorporation

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How Liquibase helps
financial services & banks

liquibase database changelog

Treat database code like app code

Liquibase lets you track, version, and deploy database code with the velocity to match your application code. So you can collaborate easier, deliver faster, and make breakthroughs—not bottlenecks.

How Liquibase Works
liquibase database changelog

Automate database schema changes

Liquibase automates database schema change so your developers can code at full speed without overloading your DBAs. So your team can deliver continuously with confidence.

Database CI/CD
compliance icon

Enforce rules

Automatically apply DBA rules during the application build and release process.

  • Enforce your DBA’s database change management checklist
  • Provide instant feedback to application developers on their SQL scripts
  • Enable application developers to write better database code
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Confidence & control

Liquibase mitigates outages and data loss by allowing you to thoroughly test and roll back database changes—before they get to production.

Scale database deployments across the enterprise so you can enforce policy and stay in compliance

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CICDforDatabases Cover
CI/CD for Databases

A Guide for Bringing Database Changes into Your CI/CD Pipeline

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