In this guide, we outline the steps required to bring databases into a CI/CD pipeline.

True continuous integration and delivery for the database is not about wrapping a bunch of scripts and running them from an automation tool. In this guide, you’ll learn how to truly leverage the practices of CI/CD to significantly improve the flow of database changes through your delivery pipeline with all of the quality and guardrails that are intrinsic to a well-architected modern pipeline.

Here’s a glimpse of the topics covered in this white paper:

  • Goals & Challenges of CI/CD Pipeline Design
  • Batching Database Changes
  • Automating Database Builds
  • Ensuring Quality Database Changes
  • Reliable & Predictable Database Deployments
  • Trustworthy Database Environments
  • Sandbox Databases
  • Guardrails for CI/CD
  • Visibility into the CI/CD Pipeline
  • How to Handle Problems with Database Changes
  • Measuring Database CI/CD Pipeline Performance