July 25, 2022

Two .jars beat as one


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  1. We have split liquibase.jar into liquibase-core.jar (open source only) and liquibase-commercial.jar.
  2. If you are a Liquibase Pro customer, you should continue to be able to use all the Pro features without making any adjustments (contact support@liquibase.com if you have questions).
  3. If you are only able to use code distributed under an open source license, see the section below for how to use liquibase-core.jar only (post your questions on the Liquibase Forum).
  4. Release notes – see bottom for a description of each artifact – Release Notes and Full Changelog

A Conscious Uncoupling: liquibase-core & liquibase-commercial

In software development, there is a general movement towards more transparency about the materials we download, install, and use. Nobody wants to bring unlicensed code or CVEs into their work.

In order to better help our end users with these efforts, starting with version 4.14.0, we have split out the open source and commercial code and associated licenses from a single liquibase.jar file into liquibase-core.jar (open source only) and liquibase-commerical.jar. Both of these will continue to be included in the .tar/.zip distributions, and the liquibase-maven-plugin has been updated to include liquibase-commercial, so most of you won’t need to do anything differently to continue to use the functionality you have been using all along.

I am currently a Liquibase Pro user, how does this impact me?

Most likely, it doesn’t. Keep calm and Database DevOps on. We worked hard to make sure that these changes would not impact your world.

If you are shipping Liquibase with your software, you could be impacted (For example, using Spring, Spring Boot, Servlet, Ant, CDI Integrations).

  • If you are using a build tool that respects Maven dependencies, replace liquibase-core.jar with liquibase-commercial.jar (which is defined with the dependency on liquibase-core.jar).
  • If you are downloading directly, make sure to use both liquibase-core.jar and liquibase-commerical.jar 

If you don’t fall into one of those groups, no change is needed (including those of you using liquibase-maven-plugin). You are all good as is, you will still have everything you need to use Liquibase Pro. If you aren’t sure and have questions, please contact support@liquibase.com.

How will I know if I am impacted?

If you are trying to use Liquibase Pro functionality and it is missing because of the splitting of the .jar files, when you will run a command that is not found, you will see an error message similar to: “Check for spelling or capitalization errors and missing extensions such as liquibase-commercial.” As always, if you need assistance, please contact support@liquibase.com. Just remember, liquibase-core.jar now only includes open source bits.

I can only use open source exclusively, what do I do?

UsageAction.tar file (includes liquibase.org/download, homebrew, chocolatey, docker)remove liquibase-commercial.jar from internal/lib directory.zip fileremove liquibase-commercial.jar from internal/lib directoryShipping Liquibase in your softwareuse liquibase-core.jar

For detailed information check our Release Notes and Full Changelog.

Karen Taggart
Karen Taggart
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