December 20, 2016

Top 5 Blog Posts from Datical in 2016

Here they are! The most viewed Blog Posts of 2016. Our main take away is that you really like numbers and DevOps! Every single one of our top 5 is a quick hit that provides a discrete number of items for you. Only integers need apply!

#5 – Six Problems DevOps Helps to Solve

We all know that DevOps can help us get code out the door. But you’d be surprised to find out that there are other areas DevOps can help you with. Provisioning new systems, finding someone to blame, a delightful dessert topping, and more…DevOps can seemingly do it all! Read the full post here.

#4 – Seven Metrics to Track When Implementing Continuous Delivery

At some point, you will have to provide results for your CD implementation. Heaven help you if those results are qualitative. (“Gosh, I just FEEL better knowing we use Continuous Delivery!”) Using these 7 metrics prior to adopting a CD solution will allow you to “snap the chalk line” and see if you are improving or just getting a warm fuzzy feeling. Go to the full post.

#3 – Five Challenges in Implementing Enterprise DevOps

“The first casualty of any battle is the plan of attack.” From communication issues to values to upending long held opinions, you will face a number of challenges when you implement DevOps for your Enterprise. Better to get ahead of those challenges before they get the best of you. See more here.

#2 – Ten Benefits of DevOps for Enterprise IT

Here’s your homework for when your boss asks for a TLDR; for DevOps. You’re welcome. Read more.

#1 – Nine Metrics DevOps Teams Should be Tracking

Not so surprising, this is an order of magnitude more popular than the previous blog. More people read this blog than the other 4 combined. Wow!

Here are the key metrics you need to track BEFORE and AFTER implementing DevOps. Though Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) made the list (and for good reason), our preferred metric Mean Time To Innocence (MTTI) did not. Almost as valuable as actually solving a problem, telling the boss it wasn’t your fault is pretty handy, as well.database teams dilute the business impact an advanced DevOps implementation can have.  Read the full blog here.

To learn more about how DevOps is helping impact the business, download our white paper “The Business Case for DevOps.”

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