May 19, 2020

Welcome to the new Liquibase

We’re excited to share that we’re evolvingto better serve our customers, community, and partners!

Datical is now Liquibase

Our name change from Datical to Liquibase is more than just a rebranding, it reflects a return to our community roots and a transformation in how we approach innovation, collaboration, and adding value for our community members and customers. 

How we got here

Thirteen years ago, Nathan Voxland created Liquibase as an open source project to solve the challenging task of updating databases. Nathan joined Datical in 2013 and together with the team, extended Liquibase into Datical DB — the comprehensive product that leading companies rely on to ensure their database updates are made quickly and safely.

After receiving feedback from our community, we introduced Liquibase Pro in 2019 to add a layer of support and advanced features.

Today, with nearly 1 million downloads per month and hundreds of contributors, Liquibase Community enjoys rapid community-driven innovation and a vibrant user community.  Our transformation is designed to unleash this innovation for enterprises and make ourselves a better steward of our community.

Fast database change, fluid delivery

As the last hurdle in comprehensive CI/CD, there is a growing need to automate database changes to ensure that applications deploy quickly and without errors. Liquibase now offers products at four levels to help increase productivity and provide faster time-to-value than ever before:

  • Liquibase Enterprise (formerly Datical DB)
  • Ideal for enterprises and businesses in regulated industries, Liquibase Enterprise enables fast, safe database deployments that make it easy to enforce governance and stay in compliance.
  • Liquibase Pro
    Great for developers and small teams, Liquibase Pro helps to evolve your database quickly and reliably. 
  • Liquibase Community
    Innovate, experiment, and contribute. Liquibase Community allows developers to get up and running with database version control for their test projects. 

The road ahead

If you’re an active member of the Liquibase community, thank you! Your contributions and continued support have gotten us to where we are today. We commit to being good stewards of the project and ensuring a long-term, viable, and truly open source project.

If you’re a current customer — you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of our current solution unchanged, but knowing that we’re now better harnessing the collective contributions of a vibrant community to drive a broader set of supported databases, faster innovation, and quicker time-to-value. The same team you know and love is now more focused than ever on helping you succeed.

If you are new to Liquibase, watch a demo, check out our great line of products, or join our community.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Over the coming months, we will update our branding across all of our products and communication channels. You can check out our new look now on and here on

Summing it up

TL;DR Datical is rebranding to Liquibase. It’s the same passionate team, with the same shared goal — to ensure fast database change and fluid delivery.

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Dion Cornett
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