October 23, 2018

Datical, Delphix and XebiaLabs team up on joint solution that supercharges enterprise software teams

It’s Hard Out There for DevOps Teams

The reality is that software development today is slow, manual, risky and expensive. It’s also woefully unable to keep up with the speed and agility modern businesses need to survive in today’s digital economy.

Looking deeper, development and operations teams are mired in manual tasks like database provisioning and data redaction – forcing development teams to wait days or weeks for data.

In fact, delivering and deploying a single application, provisioning data or validating and deploying database changes can take days or weeks in an enterprise. As a result, these manual processes create a bottleneck in the SDLC that slows down release speed and frequency.

To make things more challenging, there has been an explosion of tools in the DevOps market that makes it difficult for companies to find the best tools to help them overcome these critical inefficiencies and free their software teams from cumbersome tasks.

The Triple Threat of Enterprise DevOps

Delphix, Datical and XebiaLabs have partnered to provide one unified solution that addresses the core aspects of the enterprise DevOps process – the application layer, database and data layers – and orchestrates activities for each layer across the entire software release pipeline.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent customer:

“Pressured by the business to deliver higher quality software more quickly, we have spent years evaluating in-house, open-source, and commercial tools,” said Russell Webster, senior manager of QA & dev services at Zions Bankcorporation. “We are excited about the technology that Datical, Delphix, and XebiaLabs have to offer – as these are solutions that can scale beyond individual teams and problems.”

Webster adds, “These technologies can help software groups across our entire enterprise deliver quality software experiences rapidly and predictably – and are the key to our continued survival in the market.”

This combined offering sits at the heart of the software delivery toolchain and provides a scalable solution to orchestrate the entire software release process from development to production to delivering code and data. It also eliminates all the inefficient and low-value efforts that various teams across the organization, including developers, DBAs, test teams, release managers and operations teams, must perform.

Simply put, the combination of these technologies will empower teams to focus on building better software – faster, cheaper and more securely – rather than building and maintaining tools that support these processes.

Fast, Secure Data is the Key to Speed for Enterprises

Our collective goal is to bring an integrated, scalable platform that standardizes and automates the complexities of enterprise software delivery across a large number of apps, users and tools, making software delivery consistent, repeatable and predictable while reducing time to market. Inefficient manual workarounds and brittle scripts are eliminated, saving time and money  by reducing downtime and costly rework.

Furthermore, the combination of these technologies ensures compliance and IT governance of the software delivery process by providing comprehensive security, automation and reporting. It works with all of the current DevOps tooling in place for CI, SCM, service ticketing, infrastructure provisioning and more.

In many ways, demand for innovation has become insatiable. This joint solution will allow enterprise software teams to be more responsive to the market and allow them the ability to innovate like a start-up – accelerating application delivery and generating millions of dollars in added value.

To learn more about about the combined solution check out our solution brief.

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