December 7, 2021

November Community Recap

Happy holidays to everyone celebrating during this season! It's hard to imagine we're nearing the end of 2021 already. I'll save the year-end recap for next month, so without further adieu, let's dive into the excitement from November!

Latest Releases

Liquibase 4.6.2 Released

This release includes community-contributed pull requests, Liquibase Community and Liquibase Pro bug fixes, and a new quality checks functionality. Check out the release notes.

Our community has built a lot. Thanks to everyone who contributes and helps make the Liquibase community strong, including the following contributors to the release.

Liquibase Hub Updates

The latest release of Liquibase Hub introduces the DevOps Metrics, providing data to help you optimize your DevOps performance: Deployment Frequency, Change Migration Time, Change Failure Rate, Time to Fix Failing Changes. Learn more about DevOps Metrics

Tips & Tricks For Using Liquibase With Docker

During November's Tech Talk, the Liquibase Community Team demonstrated how to get up and running with Liquibase using Docker while also covering tips and tricks for more seasoned Liquibase users.

Introducing Liquibase Data: Now in Open Beta

Liquibase Data is an enhancement to Liquibase that allows users to version data in the database and easily share it with other team members. Think of it as “Git for data.” The powerful combination of Liquibase to manage database schema and stored logic along with the Liquibase Data extension to manage data makes working with databases so much easier.

Upcoming Events

December 8 - Day 2 Apps Deployed, The Database Is On Fire

Use DevOps practices to deploy your database changes seamlessly! Join Robert Reeves of Liquibase and Melissa McKay of JFrog as they discuss the advantages of using tried and true DevOps methodologies and automation to keep your database-driven application up and running in production.

December 9 - Liquibase Community Meetup - "Ask Me Anything"

Join the Liquibase Community Meetup on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 11am CST.

This month, we’re returning to the “Ask Me Anything” format — an open forum to chat with Liquibase experts in our community. Liquibase Founder, Nathan Voxland will be there too!

There are no questions or issues too big or too small. We’re here to help.

December 15 - Building Trustworthy Database Environments

safe database

Director of Solutions Architecture, Dan Zentgraf, will walk through specific use cases for how to inspect your databases automatically using Liquibase so your team can integrate these important security practices to deliver quality database releases reliably and safely.

We're hiring a Developer Advocate!

Want to join the Liquibase community team? We’re searching for a Developer Advocate to represent the voice of the Open Source Community within Liquibase. This is a fully remote role and we encourage applicants from anywhere in the world.

This is what you'll do:

  • Provide the developer communities with whatever is needed, focusing on documentation, support, workflow tips, and code
  • Proactively develop technical content that generates long-term impact for our fast-growing developer community
  • Develop a structured and scalable approach to working with all community roles, community onboarding, and developers to ensure an effective experience
  • Define and execute engaging programs that grow our community and empower contributors to be the best they can be and do great work
  • Build authentic relationships across multiple industries and communities to help foster collaboration
  • Inform the roadmaps of Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams to include features the community needs

Content we Love

Thanks to all of the people in the community who share their stories, insights, and experience with Liquibase. Below are the top pieces of content from November.

Top Questions Asked in the Forum

These questions had the most views in our forum recently. Check out their answers from members of our community and comment with your own expertise!

Top Forum Supporters of the Month

Thank you to the following for supporting our community by answering the most questions in the Liquibase forum this month! See where they rank on the Liquibase Legends Leaderboard.

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

See you next month with more updates!

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