October 11, 2013

New Liquibase Hibernate Extension Released

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After far too long, a new version of the Liquibase-Hibernate extension has been released!

Downloadsdocumentation, and issue tracking is hosted at github.com/liquibase/liquibase-hibernate. The extension is also available through Maven with group org.liquibase.ext, artifacts liquibase-hibernate3 and liquibase-hibernate4.

Liquibase 3.0 Support

If you’ve been stuck on Liquibase 2.0 because of the old hibernate integration, the wait is over. The extension requires Liquibase 3.0.6+, so make sure you are on the newest version of Liquibase.

Hibernate 4 Support

There are two separate jar files available: liquibase-hibernate3.jar and liquibase-hibernate4.jar. Use the version that corresponds to your Hibernate version

EJB3 Configuration Support

If you are using the EJB3-style persistence.xml file, you can now use a database url of “hibernate:ejb3:yourPersistenceUnit”.

Spring Configuration Support

If your Hibernate configuration is specified in Spring, you can now use a database of “hibernate:spring:your/path/spring.xml?bean=sessionFactory” to pull the Hibernate configuration from your spring context.

Programmatic Configuration Support

You can now create your Hibernate configurations dynamically by implementing liquibase.ext.hibernate.customfactory.CustomClassicConfigurationFactory or
liquibase.ext.hibernate.customfactory.CustomEjb3ConfigurationFactory and reference the classes in your database url. For example, “hibernate:classic:com.example.YourFactory” or “hibernate:ejb3:com.example.YourFactory”

Upgrade Notes:

  • The standard database url has changed from “hibernate:path/to/your/file.xml” to “hibernate:classic:path/to/your/file.xml”
  • Requires Liquibase 3.0.6+
  • Jar name has changed from liquibase-hibernate.jar to liquibase-hibernate3.jar (or liquibase-hibernate4.jar)
Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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