March 11, 2021

February Community Recap

Oh, February! A mix of cheesy Valentine’s tweets (this one is extra cringey), an unprecedented snowstorm (shout out to Texans), and an epic, bug-smashing release! The shortest month of the year felt just like that… short, but packed with all sorts of updates from our Liquibase Community.

Liquibase 4.3.1 released!

Liquibase users will enjoy multiple enhancements and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

We’d like to give a big thank you shoutout to the following community members for all of their contributions to this release:

Nikolas Falco, osganian, dm-ion, Michael Kindermann, Michael Hausl, Tsvi, Stephane, zyzyzy523, Andrea, Nathan

Download the Latest Version

Liquibase Legends leaderboard is on

Over the past month, we’ve had 32 Liquibasers make it on our Liquibase Legends Leaderboard! Thanks to their contributions and efforts to learn more about Liquibase, we continue to grow our program. Haven’t joined? Sign up and learn more about how you can earn points.

Feedback Request: Liquibase Developer Contributors

If you’re a developer that has contributed to Liquibase in the past, we’d like your input on some improvements to the CLI Command and Configuration APIs. Check out these GitHub Issues and share your thoughts!

Community-Provided Extensions

We’ve been working on supporting more extensions! We’ve made significant improvements towards making the following extensions more functional for our users.

Content we love

Thanks to all of the people in the community who share their stories, insights, and experience with Liquibase. Below are the top pieces of content from February.

Top questions asked on the forum

These questions had the most views in our forum recently. Check out their answers from members of our community.

Top forum supporters of the month

Thank you to the following for supporting our community by answering the most questions in the Liquibase forum this month! See where they rank on the Liquibase Legends Leaderboard.

  • Eduard Uta
  • Rafal Grzegorczyk
  • Yudi Meltzer
  • Rakhi Agrawal

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

See you in April with more updates!

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