July 14, 2020

If it sounds too good to be true…

Everyone knows the ending of this timeless adage because of its timeless validity. There are always costs that may not be evident when considering benefits. And thus our natural risk aversion tends to discount benefits because of the uncertainty of the costs.

Database CI/CD

Streamlining changes to databases to match ever-evolving application requirements falls into this category. The ability to quickly and safely modify database schemas in a CI/CD process that is as fluid and predictable as my application processes sound great — but what’s the catch?

The catch: learning the tool

In the case of Liquibase, the catch is often that users (even those quite proficient in DevOps) are simply not familiar with the solution. To build that familiarity and comfort, today we’ve announced Liquibase University. As proud stewards of the largest open source community for database DevOps, we’re continually looking for new ways to add value. We’re investing in a series of training courses with certifications to enable developers and database professionals to easily and quickly update database schemas as part of their overall CI/CD process.

Liquibase fundamentals certification

The database should no longer be the bottleneck for DevOps. Our inaugural course, Liquibase Fundamentals, provides users the confidence to start their journey towards comprehensive CI/CD. The Liquibase Fundamentals Certification provides organizations confidence that their teams can usher in a new era of database automation.

The Liquibase Fundamentals course is free and we’re always interested in ideas for improvements and future courses. Today’s the day to learn something new, show mastery of an important proficiency, and demonstrate why the old adage reads that it’s “probably too good to be true” instead of saying that it just is.

We’ll be adding more advanced courses and certifications soon. Sign up and start with Liquibase University today.

Dion Cornett
Dion Cornett
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