January 4, 2023

Liquibase Enterprise now supports Db2 for z/OS

According to a recent report by Bloor Research, nearly 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies use mainframe systems. To support these vital IT infrastructures, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded the databases supported by Liquibase Enterprise starting in version 8.2.

This expansion includes:

  • PostgreSQL Community v14
  • PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS v14
  • EDB Postgres v13
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL (single server type) v11

Increase reliability and scalability with Liquibase + Db2 on z/OS

If your organization uses the mainframe to power its data management and mission-critical applications, Liquibase support for Db2 on z/OS is your solution for automating and communicating changes while maintaining best practices. IBM’s Db2 products help manage relational databases. When combined with Liquibase, your team can eliminate painful obstacles including:

  • Slow, manual mainframe development processes
  • Inability to adapt and scale (especially when database code changes are involved)
  • Lack of governance and an audit trail
  • The disconnect between app dev and DBA teams

Optimized, efficient workflows on the mainframe

Liquibase Enterprise supports your Db2 databases with superior performance, improved scalability, and reduced downtime for devs and DBAs. Additionally, many tasks can be automated and streamlined to prevent unnecessary steps—expediting team delivery timelines and minimizing risk. Teams that utilize Liquibase + Db2 on z/OS can expect:

  • Accelerated application deployment
  • Improved quality, efficiency, and repeatability of Db2 schema changes
  • Streamlined communication between app dev and DBA teams
  • Mitigated risk through fully audited and transparent automation

Getting started: resources and additional documentation

New content is available on the packaging and the roles and permissions for DB2 on z/OS. Be sure to check out the packaging on DB2 on z/OS guide for more information.

And for the full Db2 for z/OS release documentation and details, check out the full release notes.

Ready to dig deeper into the benefits of Liquibase Enterprise and Db2 for z/OS?

Learn more here.

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