May 20, 2020

Liquibase Enterprise 7.3 Released

Perhaps you heard the news yesterday that Datical is now Liquibase. Rest assured that, while the name has changed, we are still working hard at expanding our product’s capabilities and addressing issues with frequent releases. Case in point, we are pretty excited about our newest release Datical DB/Liquibase Enterprise 7.3!

Highlights of this release

  • Configure which Oracle error codes can be safely ignored for a given project during the restore phase of the Deployment Packager using the new oracleRestoreErrorWhitelist property.
  • Restore your environments to proper working order after a job failure with the expanded releaseLocks command and a new cleanup mode in Deploy Packager.
  • View your DMC Deploy & Forecast reports in the browser instead of automatically downloading those reports to your local system.

We also addressed several smaller issues with Liquibase Enterprise (Datical DB) & the DMC. For all of the details, check out the 7.3 Release Notes.

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