June 15, 2015

Liquibase downloads moved off SourceForge

When I first released Liquibase as open source in 2006, Sourceforge was the obvious place to host the project. Over the years, however, I�ve been slowing shifting functionality off sourceforge to liquibase.jira.comgithub.com/liquibase and this blog.

For the last few years, the only thing remaining on SourceForge was the download file hosting. Given the recent issues SourceForge has had with GIMPNmap, and others it is time to move the file downloads off as well. Users entrust Liquibase with their most valuable asset�their data. I want to ensure that trust is sound which is why I am moving the download source.

What impact does this have? Very little. The main Liquibase download page is still https://www.liquibase.com/download and there have been no changes to that page except where the links point. If you were one of the few people who went to the sourceforge project page to download the files, they are no longer available and you must now go to the liquibase.org/download page instead.

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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