March 24, 2021

Liquibase 4.3.2 Released

This release includes community-contributed pull requests, bug fixes, and enhancements.

Download Liquibase v4.3.2

What’s in this release

Liquibase users will enjoy multiple enhancements and bug fixes. Here are some of the highlights.


  • Added a new deactivatechangelog command
    The command is useful for Liquibase Hub users that want to stop reporting activity for a given changelog that was previously registered. If you registered the wrong changelog or refactored your changelog structure, you can now easily remove it from the Liquibase Hub reporting workflow.
  • Added a new changelogSyncToTag command
  • Added the ability to create Liquibase Hub projects with parameters for CLI and Maven users

Bug fixes​

  • Only enable console prompting when explicitly enabled by the CLI #1711 #1689
  • Handle includeAll better in Spring Boot #1595 and #1436
  • Changed JRE bundled with installers to use the latest LTS version
  • Better handle dropAll on PostgreSQL partitioned tables #1650
  • Fixed sample liquibase.sqlplus.conf file #1448 and #1416
  • Fixed loadData’s usePreparedStatement attribute #1098
  • Send Liquibase Hub logs at the same log level as configured in the CLI

See our Liquibase releases in GitHub for more detailed information.

Community shout-outs

Big thanks to the Liquibase community: Chris Abrams, Iván López, chadoc, jglink, Steve Saliman, Malathi, Tsvi Zandany, Jose Hernandez Moreno, Nathan Voxland, Wes Willard.

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