July 2, 2020

Liquibase 4.0 Beta 2 Released

You can now download Liquibase 4.0 Beta 2. Here’s an overview of what’s in this latest Beta release.

Improvements and Bugfixes

Here’s what’s new in this second Beta for the new major version release:

  • All extensions have been updated to take advantage of Liquibase 4.0
  • Any pre-4.0 community extensions are now compatible with 4.0
  • Enhancements and bug fixes from the v3.9.0 and v3.10.0 releases have been merged in.

Here is the detailed information on the extension updates including how to update your extension for Liquibase 4.0.

Liquibase 4.0 Beta Overview

Liquibase 4.0 Beta 1 covered the following broad categories:

  1. Where Liquibase writes output
  2. How Liquibase finds files
  3. How Liquibase works in integrations
  4. How Liquibase interacts with the database
  5. How Liquibase Pro interacts with the database

Liquibase 4.0 Beta 2 covers these additional features:

  1. Adds an extension compatibility layer (for extensions that have not been updated to work with the new 4.0.0 API)
  2. Updates extensions in Liquibase GitHub to use the new 4.0.0 API

Highlighted Changes and Bug Fixes

Reminder: Beta 1 included two major/breaking changes to the Liquibase Library API. These will affect anyone using extensions, but do NOT impact the main Liquibase functionality:

  • Extension classes are now loaded via the java.util.ServiceLoader system rather than the custom class finding logic we had before
  • Logging is now based on java.util.Logging with a cleaned-up API

In addition to updating the extensions, the following changes have been incorporated:

  • Changes that went into v3.9.0
  • Changes that went into v3.10.0
  • Re-introduced removed methods as deprecated versions from compatibility. These methods are dead code in Liquibase itself but can be used by others
  • Fix for –logLevel=debug/fine
  • Stopped including root filesystem in default CLI search paths

What We Tested

This Major version Beta release comes with the risks of all Beta software. We have tested dozens of PRs across multiple environments interacting with multiple databases, but we cannot test all the wildly diverse ways the community uses Liquibase.

But you can!

In this Beta we are counting on valuable community members — like you — to put this Beta through your paces and then to file (and possibly fix) any issues which you encounter in your specific setup and use cases.

What’s Next?

Testing database extensions.

Become a Beta Tester

View details on how to get involved with the Liquibase Beta test plan.

We need your help to uncover, document, and share all the issues that keep you from working how you want to work with Liquibase. Please test your setup and document any problems as new GitHub Issues or GitHub Code Contributions.

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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