January 9, 2020

Liquibase 3.8.5 Released

Liquibase 3.8.5 is now available. Here’s a closer look at what’s included in the latest release.

Liquibase 3.8.5 Bug Fix Overview

We’ve fixed a number of issues with this release.

Bug fixes

For both Liquibase Community and Liquibase Pro users, the following bugs were fixed in version 3.8.5:

  • Fixes issue in which Liquibase did not add DESC to an id column
  • CLI once again accepts sqlFile, delimiter, rollbackScript, outputSchemaAs arguments
  • Fixes Stored Procedure whitespace impacting update calls
  • Fixes generateChangelog failure when there are missing NOT NULL constraints
  • Fixes updateSQL, which was not including schemaName for package bodies
  • Fixes bug in which Liquibase was not always capturing create package body while generating changeLog
  • Liquibase CLI now gives a more useful error message when an invalid character is passed to a command
  • Fixes an MSSQL issue, which threw an exception when doing diff/diffChangeLog between offline connections (such as when snapshotting json files)
  • Fixes an MSSQL issue, which incorrectly generated datetime data type column when using diff & diffChangeLog Liquibase Maven plugin fails while executing/using “diff” and “generateChangeLog” with PostgreSQL)

Community engagement

We recently shared a blog about our top findings from our most recent Liquibase Community Survey. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Want to provide more feedback and input? Ready to learn what we’re up to? We’re having a virtual Liquibase Community Meetup on January 23 with Nathan (Liquibase Project Founder), Steve (Liquibase Community Manager), and Mario (Liquibase Product Manager). Join us. We’re looking forward to meeting with you.

We are always looking to fix bugs and improve documentation for everyone in the Liquibase community. Here are some ways to contribute:

More to explore

Check out our growing library of videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Full Liquibase documentation is continually being updated. Some of the latest material:

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