August 28, 2019

Liquibase 3.8.0 Released

Liquibase 3.8.0 is now available.

Liquibase now comes in two modes:

The 3.8.0 release adds the ability to enter a license key for a Liquibase Pro trial or full Liquibase Pro license.

Liquibase Community

Liquibase is open source now and always. We’ll continue to provide the great Apache v2-licensed database change and version control tool you know and love. We’re excited to provide better documentation, better community support and more functionality for many future releases.

Liquibase Pro

Liquibase Pro gives teams an option to get support and expert answers for their use case so they don’t have to go it alone. Liquibase Pro also adds functions to change sets for updating procedural database code. Liquibase Pro is available under a commercial license as a yearly subscription. A free 30-day trial is available. No credit card is required. Learn more about Liquibase Pro

We’re hiring!

Liquibase Support Engineer

We are looking for a Liquibase expert to elevate the Liquibase support experience. This position can be remote, part-time or full-time. Check out the details here.

Liquibase Developer Advocate

We’re continuing our search for a Developer Advocate/Community Manager.

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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