September 21, 2016

Liquibase 3.5.2 Released

Bugfix release Liquibase 3.5.2 is now available from and through the Maven repositories.

Highlights include:

  • Formatted SQL added rollbackSplitStatements and rollbackEndDelimiter changeSet attributes
  • Fixes for running in Spring boot 1.4.0
  • Performance improvements
  • More consistent use of the character encoding set with the liquibase.file.encoding system property
  • Improvements in support for clustered primary keys
  • Improved BINARY data type handling
  • Upgraded to SnakeYAML 1.17

Full changelog:

  • [CORE-1863] - PostgreSQL blob is mapped to bytea instead of oid
  • [CORE-2693] - Postgresql dropAll with serial columns fails because tables are dropped then sequences which no longer exist
  • [CORE-2698] - Oracle scripts with ending / are not actually getting executed even with splitStatements="false"
  • [CORE-2752] - Jtds has silent exceptions in db.getConnectionSchemaName
  • [CORE-2753] - defaultValueSequenceNext forgets schema name
  • [CORE-2754] - update table columns are not quoted when requested
  • [CORE-2756] - Null pointer exception from FileSystemResourceAccessor
  • [CORE-2757] - Databasechangelog ORDEREXECUTED and DEPLOYMENT_ID not updated when a changeSet is reran
  • [CORE-2758] – Debian package shouldn’t symlink liquibase binary to absolute path
  • [CORE-2761] - 3.5.1: includeAll from the command line uses the absolute path as the changeSet path
  • [CORE-2763] - Postgresql schemas should default to lower case
  • [CORE-2765] - dbms in preConditions yaml changelog causes parsing error
  • [CORE-2770] – Can’t read remarks from mssql 2000
  • [CORE-2774] – Can’t read all columns from mssql2000
  • [CORE-2775] – Oracle Sequences not Generated in generateChangeLog after 3.4.1
  • [CORE-2778] – Sybase ASE: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘ALTER’
  • [CORE-2780] – java.sql.SQLException: PooledConnection has already been closed
  • [CORE-2781] – DB2: custom-generated indexes for primary keys are not preserved in diff/generateChangeLog
  • [CORE-2784] – REGRESSION: Column creation of type ‘TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIMEZONE’ fails on PostgreSQL
  • [CORE-2786] - Incorrect xml scheme for changlog file
  • [CORE-2787] - YAML Snapshot parser not handling strings that get stored as binary
  • [CORE-2789] – Postgres does not have a type “BINARY”
  • [CORE-2791] - Strip off trailing end delimiter in createProcedure on update, include on updateSql
  • [CORE-2793] - using property as startWith attribute
  • [CORE-2794] - Make CSV files created by Liquibase readable by Liquibase
  • [CORE-2795] - Fix a NullPointerException in DiffToChangeLog.sortMissingObjects
  • [CORE-2804] - defaultValueSequenceNext forgets schema name H2/PG/etc
  • [CORE-2805] - Multiple calls to generateChecksum() impacting deploy performance
  • [CORE-2806] – JsonSnapshotParser does not close stream after parsing
  • [CORE-2807] – Column data type “real” incorrectly translated to “double precision” for PostgreSQL, should be “real”
  • [CORE-2810] – defaultValueBoolean=”false” generates wrong SQL for MySQL
  • [CORE-2811] – FileSystemResourceAccessor basepath/includeAll
  • [CORE-2813] - java.lang.NullPointerException when creating new ClassLoaderResourceAccessor();
  • [CORE-2814] - DB2: Quoting strategy not respected, objects are always saved as upper case
  • [CORE-2815] - Rollback by tag doesn�t roll back tagDatabase changeSet
  • [CORE-2816] - Snapshot error when snapshotting an index or primary key against a case-sensitive column
  • [CORE-2818] - DEPLOYMENT_ID not created for Sybase in DATABASECHANGELOG, liquibase 3.5.1
  • [CORE-2819] - AbstractJdbcData getConnectionSchemaName() methods fails for Sybase
  • [CORE-2823] - DROP PRIMARY KEY fails for Sybase database update
  • [CORE-2827] - MSSQL: misc default value fixes
  • [CORE-2828] - MSSQL not capturing that primary key are non-clustered in generateChangeLog
  • [CORE-2830] - GenerateChangeLog does not handle tables with compound primary keys
  • [CORE-2831] - MySql BIT(1) defaultValue not snapshotted as Boolean
  • [CORE-2835] – GenerateChangeLog doesn’t correctly “numeric DEFAULT ‘” “ columns
  • [CORE-2836] – addAutoIncrement generates inconsistent sequence name for mixed-case table
  • [CORE-2837] – addAutoIncrement doesn’t apply default schema in nextval call (PostgreSQL)
  • [CORE-2838] – createProcedure schema in the changelog is overwritten by defaultSchemaName
  • [CORE-2840] – MSSQL createProcedure for CREATE MERGE AS procedures need a trailing semicolon
  • [CORE-2843] - Sql wrong lexical analysis for string literals - escaped single quotes are misparsed
  • [CORE-2846] - DATABASECHANGELOG table query failed on postgres on first run
  • [CORE-2849] - Fail to execute with sequences
  • [CORE-2853] – Diff comparisions reporting differences between ‘0.0’ and ‘0’ in decimals
  • [CORE-2863] – Issue with Spring boot 1.4.0
  • [CORE-2864] – Regression for defaultSchemaName on MSSQL
  • [CORE-2867] – liquibase with MySQL raises exception “Table ‘DATABASECHANGELOG’ already exists” when using separate liquibase schema
  • [CORE-2868] - Adds schema/username to package and package body in oracle making them invalid
  • [CORE-2869] – Without a specified classpath, using includeAll with relativeToChangelogFile=”true” fails
  • [CORE-2872] – “ON DELETE” not supported for FK constraints in Sybase
  • [CORE-2876] – Issue with Spring boot 1.4.0 Repackaged
  • [CORE-2878] - MSSQL setTableRemarks limited to 200 chars
  • [CORE-2881] - DiffChangeLog unnecessarily includes referenceTableCatalogName attribute if comparing Schema with different names
  • [CORE-2885] - AddColumn with defaultValueSequenceNext generated incorrect SQL for PostgreSQL
  • [CORE-2788] - handle VARBINARY type in Oracle and H2
  • [CORE-2800] - Add flag to diff command that suppresses reporting of column order difference in tables
  • [CORE-1984] - Support for non-split rollback statements in Formatted SQL
  • [CORE-2768] - Have the .deb and .rpm part of the release on github
  • [CORE-2782] - Update SnakeYAML version to 1.17
  • [CORE-2801] - Add method to Logger to allow closing of the output file stream
  • [CORE-2844] - Traverse parent changelogs for rollbacks
  • [CORE-2848] - Oracle: primary keys that use a pre-existing index drop the index along with the primary key on rollback
  • [CORE-2852] - Postgresql snapshots not correctly handling serial-backing sequences
  • [CORE-2857] - Support clustered primary keys in postgresql
  • [CORE-2873] - Postgresql custom types are snapshotted as having length 2147483647
  • [CORE-2874] - Ensure consistent charset encoding usage

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