November 24, 2015

Liquibase 3.4.2 Released

Bugfix release Liquibase 3.4.2 is now available from and through the Maven repositories.

Fixes include:

  • Maven <skip> configuration now available
  • Improved startup performance
  • Don’t fall back to the internet if multiple liquibase XSDs are found
  • improved data type handling
  • extensions containing custom loggers should work again

Full changelog:

  • [CORE-2328] – AbstractExecutor should implement execute(Change)
  • [CORE-2475] – Informix: Insert valueComputed not used correctly
  • [CORE-2543] – Improved support for time stamps in oracle insert change data types
  • [CORE-1778] – createSequence doesn’t work on MSSQL
  • [CORE-1840] – Liquibase fails when run on a computer that can’t connect to the internet
  • [CORE-2273] – Oracle char column snapshot not differentiating between a default value of 0 and ‘0’
  • [CORE-2285] – Code in Liquibase class inconsistent
  • [CORE-2317] – Custom ConfigurationValueProvider not working
  • [CORE-2349] – loadUpdateData does not escape column names in “ON DUPLICATE” clause
  • [CORE-2407] – Derby keywords not escaped when used as column/table names
  • [CORE-2447] – In sybase, schema is bad preixed
  • [CORE-2466] – Rollback referencing a change set in another file cannot be parsed
  • [CORE-2467] – SSO with jtds MSSQL doesn’t work after 3.3.5 for update – null user error
  • [CORE-2469] – Error in method ColumnConfig.setValueNumeric(String)
  • [CORE-2470] – MSSQL: FindForeignKeyConstraintsGeneratorMSSQL doesn’t honor specified schema
  • [CORE-2480] – Primary key exist works fine with 3.3.3 not with 3.4.0 in SQL SERVER
  • [CORE-2481] – Primary key creation issue with informix
  • [CORE-2482] – Number type issue with informix
  • [CORE-2484] – dropAll command crashes because it drops sequences before tables
  • [CORE-2487] – updateSql does not output anything for prepared statements
  • [CORE-2490] – If you have more than one :name token in the where clause of a delete change, you get an Exception
  • [CORE-2491] – Shouldn’t a custom change produce a warning if run in updateSql mode
  • [CORE-2492] – Logger extension liquibase-slf4j no longer usable with 3.4.1
  • [CORE-2494] – Pgsql: Exporting/generating badly formatted SQL
  • [CORE-2498] – Generation of TIMESTAMP(29) causing error in PSQL log TIMESTAMP(6) WITHOUT TIME ZONE
  • [CORE-2500] – Fast check of ColumnExistsPrecondition causing transaction abort on PostgreSQL database
  • [CORE-2505] – Missing keywords for H2 database
  • [CORE-2510] – loadData on MySQL with > 50 rows fails
  • [CORE-2544] – LogFactory does not get reset
  • [CORE-2549] – Performance regression in resolving local host
  • [CORE-2554] – updateSql command fails on validation when upgrading (2.0.5 ->3.4.1)
  • [CORE-2566] – Maven – setting skip= true does not work
  • [CORE-2571] – primaryKeyExists precondition generating wrong query
  • [CORE-2576] – The ‘dbms’ attribute on createProcedure is not not taken into account when parsing changes
  • [CORE-2579] – dropAll failed for Oracle 12c
  • [CORE-2580] – Escape column, table and schema on ColumnExistsPrecondition
  • [CORE-2588] – Bad cast
  • [CORE-2590] – Default constraint names are not quoted
  • [CORE-2596] – DatabaseChangeLogLock race condition exists if two nodes both try to create the table
  • [CORE-2598] – Postgres generateChangeLog: “length for type varchar cannot exceed 10485760”

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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