Liquibase 3.3.4 Released

May 27, 2015

Bugfix release Liquibase 3.3.4 is now available on and through the Maven repositories.

The most notable fix was to make the Maven plugin “” flag default back to true like it should have vs. “false” in 3.3.3.

Full changelog:

  • CORE-2360 – Maven – Skip is active by default
  • CORE-2199 – Liquibase adds a semicolon after a stored proc definition making the stored proc unusable
  • CORE-2344 – Unknown host exception on OS RHEL 6.5
  • CORE-2346 – IncludeAll does not work when runing liquibase from inside a jar
  • CORE-2357 – alterSequence does not work as expected when you need to change the cache size
  • CORE-2366 – Derby Network server works with command line but not with maven “Liquibase skipped due to maven configuration”
  • CORE-2368 – No SQL outputted for <update> change

Article author
Nathan Voxland Project Founder