July 2, 2020

Liquibase 3.10.1 Released

Liquibase 3.10.1 is now available. Here’s a closer look at what’s included in the latest release.

Community contributions for many, many bug fixes

We've brought in so many bug fixes from the community in this release. Thank you to everyone who contributed! See all issues that were tagged for the 3.10.1 release.

  • GH PR#913 ? [CORE-3471] Fixed NPE in LiquibaseUtil when MANIFEST.MF doesn't contain Bundle-Version or Build-Time
  • GH PR#917 ? [Core 3463] Fix for validateX attributes of constraintsConfig
  • GH PR#919 ? Fixed issued with bundling in shaded jars
  • GH PR#941 ? [CORE-3520] Add support for ALWAYS generation type with PostgreSQL auto-increment column.
  • GH PR#946 ? [CORE-3524] Prevent auto-increment column silently failing on Oracle.
  • GH PR#949 ? [CORE-3526] TABLE is a reserved keyword in H2database since 1.4.197
  • GH PR#963 ? [CORE-3556] No default values for changes' properties
  • GH PR#965 ? [CORE-3558] Unique constraint name is ignored when using the addColumn change
  • GH PR#970 ? Fix Java 1.9+ versions require jaxb as separate dependency
  • GH PR#971 ? Add Class-Path entry to the manifest file to simplify command line execution
  • GH PR#975 ? NULL date value in prepared statement requires type in MSSQL
  • GH PR#986 ? XMLSerializer: Correct Map value serialization
  • GH PR#993 ? Improve ChangeFactory initialization time
  • GH Issue#1035 ? Change how Liquibase produces debug logs
  • GH Issue#1051 ? Update liquibase-core.jar to exclude ServiceLoader files
  • GH PR#1053 ? Update liquibase_autocomplete.shape
  • GH PR#1059 ? Allow multiple column unique constraints on table creation.
  • GH Issue#1069 ? Patch Liquibase Runner plugin for Jenkins
  • GH Issue#1070 ? Enable --help without databse connection
  • GH PR#1082 ? Correct include bash script
  • GH PR#1096 ? Fix sequence statement generation for PostgreSQL <= 9.4
  • GH Issue#1104 ? Fix maven-liquibase offline diff to prevent errors
  • GH Issue#1113 ? Fix schema name using "--defaultSchemaName" on a non-default schema
  • GH PR#1120 ? LiquibaseServletListener.contextInitialized() improved with Embedded Derby
  • GH Issue#1220 ? Fix how JAVA_HOME env variable is handled

Get involved

Our community has built a lot. From extensions to integrations to bug fixes, you’ve helped make Liquibase the amazing open source project that it is today. Keep contributing to make it stronger:

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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