Liquibase 3.1.1 Released

January 16, 2014

Liquibase 3.1.1 has been released with a few bug fixes. The most important fixes reverts how <createProcedure> checksums are computed so they are compatible with 3.0 and fix the new <rowCount> and <tableIsEmpty> preconditions.

The newest version can be download from

Change Log

  • CORE-1704 – Checksum errors for changeSets with createProcedure in 3.1.0 vs 3.0.x
  • CORE-1707 – TableRowCountGenerator shouldn’t pass tableName as catalogName
  • CORE-1710 – Oracle: NUMBER data type size specification is deployed with a precision specifier even though precision isn’t specified in the change log
  • CORE-1711 – rowCount doesn’t work if only the tableName is given
  • CORE-1713 – liquibase.precondition.core.ForeignKeyExistsPrecondition exception
  • CORE-1715 – 2 -> 3.1 migration, 3.1 errors if there are single quotes in comments
  • CORE-1709 – generateChangeLog returns tables created by Materialized Views as standard tables

Complete Change Log

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