September 24, 2013

Liquibase 3.0.5 Released

The major focus of this release is performance improvements:

  • Startup time is significantly improved for larger databases
  • Preconditions now snapshot far less of the database
  • Running generateChangeLog on a test MySQL database with over 4000 tables went from crashing after an hour to completing in 30 seconds. Even an Oracle database with the same structure finished in a couple minutes.

If you are still seeing any unexpected performance problems, file a bug report

You can download 3.0.5 from and through the maven repository system once it gets mirrored through. If you have any questions or problems, visit the forums or bug tracker.

Notable Bugs

  • Multi-column foreign keys are snapshotted correctly now
  • Improved case-sensitive/insensitive handling

Potential Gotchas

Three bug fixes related to data type translations went into 3.0.5 which may cause issues for people that had been relying on incorrect behavior

  • MS SQLServer “DATE” columns are now translated to “DATE” rather than SMALLDATETIME
  • MySQL TIMESTAMP columns are now nullable if you do not specify that they should be not null
  • H2 and HSQL CLOB columns are now translated as CLOB rather than LONGVARCHAR

Full Change Log

  • CORE-845 – “DATE” data type is deployed as “SMALLDATETIME” in SQL 2008
  • CORE-859 - Nullable TIMESTAMP columns in MySQL are not nullable.
  • CORE-1257 – Oracle: generateChangeLog exports a column of type “NUMBER” as “NUMBER(0,-127)”
  • CORE-1288 - H2 (and other) support for BLOB and CLOB is incorrect
  • CORE-1338 – Using apostrophe in changeset’s ID causes SQL error
  • CORE-1360 - Confirmation message of a custom change change is only printed if loglevel is debug
  • CORE-1364 - SQL Server incorrect INFORMATION_SCHEMA table case in native query
  • CORE-1365 – SQL Server: “Database ‘dbo’ does not exist” error
  • CORE-1401 - Unnecessary snapshot on liquibase update
  • CORE-1415 - Liquibase tables are not detected in oracle running in the SYSTEM schema
  • CORE-1426 - ORACLE: Check for existing tables is case sensitive
  • CORE-1429 - Random order of UniqueConstraint and ForeignKey drop statements
  • CORE-1459 - Maven updateSQL creates databasechangelog table, should only output SQL to do it
  • CORE-1462 – renameColumn with ‘text’ data type improperly trying to use ‘clob’ against MySql
  • CORE-1433 - Handle changes in column datatypes in diffChangeLog
  • CORE-1434 - Formatted Changelog format not parsing UTF8 .sql files with BOM
  • CORE-1453 - Multi-column foreign keys not snapshotted correctly

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Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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