August 29, 2013

Liquibase 3.0.3 Released

Liquibase 3.0.3 has been officially released. As always, you can download from the Liquibase download page and the new version should be working its way through the maven repository system. If you have questions or comments you can visit the forums at

The 3.0.3 release is primarily a bug fix release, major categories of bugs fixed include:

  • updateSQL output goes to STDOUT rather than STDERR. NOTE: This is what people expect, but if you are working around this bug you will have to update your scripts
  • Fixes around data type parsing and handling
  • Issues with the diff/generateChangeLog logic
  • Informix-specific bugfixes

There is a new feature in 3.0.3 to control whether schema names are included in the SQL. This is particularly helpful in updateSQL mode to create schema-independent scripts. The new flag is called “outputDefaultSchema” and “outputDefaultCatalog”

Full Release Notes:

  • CORE-844 - Integer with range limitations handled incorrectly on Oracle
  • CORE-1313 - Unique constraint name is ignored when adding a column
  • CORE-1316 - Column Type COMPUTED in loadData is not implemented correctly (shoud pass a DB Function instead of String to DB).
  • CORE-1327 - renameColumn and renameTable with Sybase
  • CORE-1329 - GenerateChangeLog on MSSQL exports a SMALLINT(5) - smallint does not allow precision
  • CORE-1336 - AutoIncrement not working with some types
  • CORE-1351 - PostgreSql 9 doesnt have datetime data type
  • CORE-1353 - AutoIncrement not working for numeric types
  • CORE-1354 - Sequences get dropped too early
  • CORE-1356 - Unnecessary size specifications on MEDIUMTEXT, TINYTEXT, MEDIUMBLOB, TINYBLOB from generateChangeLog
  • CORE-1358 – Liquibase 3.0.2 writes ‘3.0.0-SNP’ (Snapshot) to ‘LIQUIBASE’ column instead of ‘3.0.2’
  • CORE-1362 - Informix fails when schema is not equal catalog
  • CORE-1363 - ForeignKey NPE during dbDoc generation
  • CORE-1364 - SQL Server incorrect INFORMATION_SCHEMA table case in native query
  • CORE-1366 - Oracle database dbDoc generation performance issues
  • CORE-1367 - updateSQL generates an empty file using standard output in 3 version
  • CORE-1369 - Whitespace in author in SQL formatted changelog causes that migration to be silently skipped
  • CORE-1370 - Oracle doesnt have DATETIME datatype
  • CORE-1371 - MySQL syntax error is thrown if schema name contains hyphens
  • CORE-1372 - Version Command Line Argument Incorrect
  • CORE-1373 - dropAll attempts to drop objects in other schemas under Oracle
  • CORE-1375 – “group” is not included as a reserved word
  • CORE-1377 - liquibase version says 3.0.0-SNP
  • CORE-1380 - ^M present in liquibase unix running file (from jar on maven repo)
  • CORE-1381 - DropAll: Not working with MsSql
  • CORE-1383 - Error attempting to re-create databasechangeloglock on second liquibase run if running in Oracle under SYSTEM user
  • CORE-1387 - dropAll fails with oracle since version 3.0.2
  • CORE-1388 – MSSQLServer: ‘REAL’ dataype is returned with unnecessary size modifier during generateChangeLog
  • CORE-1389 - AddLookupTable fails when using QUOTE_ALL_OBJECTS
  • CORE-1394 - additionalInformation lost in DataTypeFactory.fromDescription()
  • CORE-1395 - Bug in MSSQLDatabase.getViewDefinition()
  • CORE-1396 - Liquibase is loosing indices on foreign key columns
  • CORE-1397 - Informix DB: Size of VARCHAR more than 255
  • CORE-1398 - Missing or unexpected unique constraint not found on Postgres
  • CORE-1402 - Custom preconditions not passing XML validation
  • CORE-1403 - Default schema not correct when using <tableExists>
  • CORE-1405 - SpringLiquibase not closing connection if rollback exception
  • CORE-1406 - MySQL loadUpdateData using literal values for update
  • CORE-1408 - NVarcharType on Derby Fails
  • CORE-1413 - NPE in changeSetExecuted precondition in changelog-level preconditions
  • CORE-1414 - Improve error handling in empty databasechangeloglock tables
  • CORE-1417 - generateChangeLog failed
  • CORE-1418 - Foreign Key changes not detected in snapshot process
  • CORE-1241 - Remove schema name from SQL generated when running updateSQL
  • CORE-1412 - UpdateSQL should write to stdout not stderr
Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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