July 12, 2013

Liquibase 3.0.2 Released

Liquibase 3.0.2 has been officially released. It is a purely bugfix release. The major issues fixed are:

  • Indexes and foreign keys were not being correctly handled in the snapshot/diff/generateChangeLog process
  • Exporting data in generateChangeLog did not work

The full list of resolved issues:

  • CORE-1301 - Oracle TIMESTAMPS not exported correctly
  • CORE-1301 - defaultschemaName not used
  • CORE-1315 - Database Objects do not get dropped on DB2
  • CORE-1317 - Not all FK Constraints get dropped on Oracle
  • CORE-1318 - Not all FK Constraints get dropped on SQL Server
  • CORE-1328 - includeAll trying to process invalid file types, should only process valid change log types
  • CORE-1331 – If logicalFilePath attribute is set on databaseChangeLog, I am unable to use relativeToChangelogFile=”true” on
  • CORE-1332 - includeAll of changelog files throws duplicate identifiers error
  • CORE-1335 - Data export support broken in 3.0
  • CORE-1336 - AutoIncrement not working with some types
  • CORE-1337 – Problem with changeset defined as runAlways=”true”
  • CORE-1339 - NPE on update if default ServiceLocator.packagesToScan is used
  • CORE-1340 - indexExists Changesets throwing PreconditionErrorException instead of PreconditionFailedException
  • CORE-1341 - foreignKeyConstraintExists precondition broken
  • CORE-1344 - addForeignKeyConstraint rejects referencesUniqueColumn
  • CORE-1347 - dropAll function work incorrectly when table has 2 foreign keys
  • CORE-628 - Specify the output encoding that liquibase should use to output data in Maven

If you were watching closely, you will notice that I forgot to announce 3.0.1 despite the fact that it was released on June 25th. That release included the following bugfixes compared to 3.0.0:

  • CORE-898 - Custom precondition xsd failing
  • CORE-1171 - Maven plugin displaying password in plain text
  • CORE-1320 - Cannot include YAML file
  • CORE-1323 - Conversion from char to SMALLINT is unsupported
  • CORE-1324 – Formatted SQL does not support contexts such as “some-context” or “some/context”

As always, you can download from the Liquibase download page and the new version should be working its way through the maven repository system. If you have questions or comments you can visit the forums at https://forum.liquibase.org.

Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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