June 25, 2008

Liquibase 1.7.0 Released

Table of contents

It is Liquibase 1.0’s first birthday, but you get the gift: Liquibase 1.7.0 is now available.

Major changes include:

  • Added loadData change which allows importing of data from CSV files
  • Added support for changelog parameters for more dynamic and flexible change logs
  • Allow preconditions in changeSet tags to act as sanity checks during a database update
  • Can export data with generateChangeLog
  • Added markNextChangeSetRan command
  • Added validCheckSum tag to changeSet
  • Can use any refactoring tags or reference previous changeSets inside a rollback tag
  • Allow custom preconditions
  • RowMapper interface is now public
  • Misc bug fixes
Nathan Voxland
Nathan Voxland
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