July 2022 Community Recap

August 2, 2022
July 2022 Community Recap

Moving through the summer of 2022, it’s hard to believe it’s already August! Let’s take a look at everything that happened at Liquibase last month. 

Liquibase 4.14 Released July 25, 2022

Latest Releases

At Liquibase, we release our software according to the CI/CD method, so we release often. Here are a few of the most recent release highlights.

Liquibase 4.14 Released July 25, 2022

Highlights of this release include one important change:

We split Liquibase Community Edition (Open Source, Free) and Liquibase Pro (Commercial, Paid) into two separate .jar files. To learn more about this update, please read Karen’s awesome blog: Two .Jars Beat as One

You can also read the Release Notes and Full Changelog for additional info.

Community Highlights

First-Time Contributors for July

Our community has built a lot for this release. Thanks to everyone who contributes and helps make the Liquibase community strong, including the following first-time contributors to the release.

New Contributors

Liquibase University

Testimonial from Jeff Pell, VP of Data Services at Blue Sentry Cloud.

“The courses are sized to be easily digestible, with a good mix of learning tasks including instructional videos and practice activities.” 

Jeff Pell, VP of Data Services at Blue Sentry Cloud

Build your Liquibase Expertise with Liquibase University 🍎

Top Forum Supporters of the Month

Thank you to the following members for supporting our community by answering the most questions in the Liquibase forum this month! See where they rank on the Liquibase Legends Leaderboard.

Liquibase Legends

Did you know that you can earn points towards unlocking the Liquibase Luminary, Leader, and Legend Achievements just by answering questions on the Liquibase forum? Check out our updated points for 2022, and don’t forget to join the program!

Your questions are answered! Ask Me Anything – Liquibase Community Meetup 

Thank you to those who joined our Ask Me Anything Community Meetup for July 2022

 If you missed out, we recorded it for you! Click above to play the video. You can watch many other helpful videos on our YouTube channel! Here are a few highlights you might find interesting.

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Migrating Database Workloads to a Cloud-native Architecture on AWS with Liquibase

Learn how Liquibase helps customers manage the process of migrating database workloads to support microservices on AWS, all while increasing agility, scale, and speed.

Share your ideas and vote for suggestions from the community!

How can we improve your Liquibase experience? What new features do you want to see? What problems do you want us to fix? An idea board is available to our community (you!) to share your ideas and request features to help guide the direction of Liquibase Community!

Please take 5 minutes to share your ideas and upvote other ideas that you find valuable with the heart icon. Thank you!

Meetup and Webinar summer break

We will be taking a “summer break” from our Meetup and Webinar series for August. With a global audience and workforce, many in the community are taking holidays and using some well-earned vacation time before the seasons change. Watch for some “back to school” content coming in September! 

Thanks to all of the people in the community who share their Liquibase stories, insights, and experience. Below are the top content contributions from March.

Top Questions Asked in the Forum

These questions had the most views in our forum recently. Check out their answers from members of our community and comment with your own expertise! See who’s on the top of the forum.

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

See you next month with more updates!

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