January 9, 2023

January 2023 Community Newsletter

Community Created: Liquibase + You

View last month’s best community-created content showing how to use Liquibase with some of the most popular tools and databases.

  1. Learn about the continuous deployment of apps and data with Liquibase and BigQuery from Richard Seroter
  2. Watch Florent Biville, Marouane Gazanayi discuss when and how to use Liquibase with Neo4j in Liquibase & Neo4j: The Migration Sweet Deal
  3. Join Robert Reeves as he explains how to use Liquibase with MongoDB in Docker and Atlas
  4. Check it out! Google just updated their product integration guide to explain how to integrate Google Cloud Spanner and Liquibase
  5. Enjoy this tip from Arkadiusz Fronc on how to “Add column if not exists” with Liquibase preconditions

Congratulations to all Liquibase Learners

Congratulations to the 317 Liquibase University learners who signed up for the “free Liquibase Certified Associate exam” in December! It’s exciting to see so many learners take the time to complete the Liquibase intermediate courses, and upskill themselves in preparation for the new year.

If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry. As a reader of this blog, you can still take advantage of the offer. Follow the link below to the Liquibase Forum and add a comment to request your coupon code. We’re limiting it to the first 50 people, so request your free Liquibase Certified Associate exam code before they’re gone.

Congratulations to our top December contributors

  1. Florent Biville for all of the continued great work on the liquibase-neo4j extension. If you’re interested in learning more about graph databases, check out Florent’s video above.
  2. Arturo Bernal for finding and fixing several tech debt issues in Liquibase
  3. Yair Ogen for your bug fix and great collaboration with the Liquibase team
  4. jasonlyle88 for documentation improvements and all of your code changes in December
  5. Daryl Doak for all of your support on the forum – your answers really help the community.

Join us!

We’re here to help you sharpen your Liquibase skills, expand your knowledge and connect you with cool people worldwide. In return, we hope you share your talents and perspective with the rest of the community. Let’s get you started!



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