January 13, 2021

Community Update for January

Greetings 2021! We're glad you're here. With the winter holidays behind us, we're jumping head first into the new year with great excitement for developments within our community. We've been working on quite a few things this past month.

Community survey: We love feedback

Have you taken the Community Survey yet? You have until Friday, 1/15 to share your input so we know where to concentrate our efforts to create better functionality and support. Sincerely, this information is hugely helpful and appreciated! You’re the best for completing it! Survey closed.

Catch our virtual talk at Yugabyte Asia

We're excited to participate in the Distributed SQL Summit Asia hosted by Yugabyte! Alongside other thought leaders, database builders, and application developers, our very own Senior Solutions Engineer, Dan Zentgraf will present on "Lessons DevOps Can Teach Us About Managing Internet-Scale Schemas" on January 21st from 11:30am-12pm IST. (Registration closed)

Coming soon: Liquibase Legends

We’re close to launching our Liquibase Legends program this month! Get recognized for your contributions to the community, compete with others (if that’s your thing), and show off badges and accreditations. It’s not too late to get a sneak peek and provide feedback to our community team. Sign up for a feedback session!

Using Maven? We've got new docs!

We've added new and improved Maven commands documentation! New additions include:

  • Maven diff
  • Maven generateChangeLog
  • Maven rollbackOneUpdate
  • Maven update SQL

Check out the rest in our Maven docs.

Content we love

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

See you in February with more updates!

Caroline Hunt
Caroline Hunt
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