August 7, 2019

Improving Community Support

It’s an exciting time for the Liquibase community. The latest release, 3.7, has over 350 commits from the community and from Datical. Datical has dedicated several engineers to the Liquibase open source project. Most recently, these efforts helped push the Liquibase 3.7 release with several important new features including improved support for PostgreSQL, DB2, MariaDB, MS SqlServer, Ingres, and Firebase, and much more.

Liquibase Community Manager

I’m very excited to share that we are looking to hire an open source community manager. This position will be vital to the community, helping to manage and improve the website and forum. They’ll also be responsible for responding to questions and comments as well as connecting with users to help improve everyone’s experience with Liquibase. If you’re passionate about building open source communities, I encourage you to apply!

NOTE As of December 2019, this position has been filled.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to dedicating developers to the project, the Datical team has been investing in strategic partnerships with Cassandra, CockroachDB, Couchbase, and SAP HANA, among others, to increase community contribution. Look for more updates in the near future from these partnerships.

We’re committed to increasing our investment in Liquibase by adding to the capabilities, news, documentation and community contribution. Look for more news and announcements by following @Liquibase and @Datical on Twitter.

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Erika Kalar
Erika Kalar
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