Group of Liquibase Extensions Updated

October 15, 2013

There has been a lot of activity the last couple weeks on the Liquibase extensions I manage and/or have source access to. There were a few running up against the Oct 15th jira-svn-shutdown deadline and also several that had not been updated to support Liquibase 3.0 yet.

For all of the extensions, I have moved their source repository out of the shared subversion repository and into their own repositories at They all now have their own issue tracking, wiki, and releases tab in their Github projects, which is the pattern I will be using for all the Liquibase-managed extensions.

I also released the new builds into Maven under the org.liquibase.ext group (some may still be propagating through the mirrors).

The recently updated extensions are

Oracle Database Support (

Improved support for Oracle database. Adds additional refactoring tags and snapshot support for Oracle-specific object types

Hana Database Support (

Support for SAP’s Hana Database

Teradata Database Support (

Adds support for Teradata database. Still in beta because I am looking for Teradata users to test it

No Change Log Update (

Makes Liquibase run without updating the DATABASECHANGELOG table. Not what you normally want, but there are times it is handy

java.util.Logger Support (

Log through java.util.Logger rather than STDERR

Sequence Table (

Support “sequence tables” like Hibernate can use for databases that do not support native schemas

Modify Column (

Support for the deprecated <modifyColumn> change from Liquibase 1.x

The main “Liquibase Extension Portal” is still at, the above extensions are simply the subset of extensions that I tend to manage. In the upcoming weeks, I will be working to improve the extension portal and the extension writing process in general (including better documentation)

Article author
Nathan Voxland Project Founder