Full Speed Ahead for Liquibase

October 7, 2013

For the last two months I have been working full time as an employee with Datical, a startup that is building an enterprise-ready database change management solution on top Liquibase.

For me, it has been great because I am now able to devote considerably more time to Liquibase than I ever have before. Since starting Liquibase 7 years ago, I’ve ran it as a side hobby–spending a few night and weekend hours doing what I can to progress the project. However, as the community and user base has grown it had become difficult to keep pace. You may have noticed that during the 3.0 development timeline, I tended to oscillate between spending all my time writing code without answering any user questions and answering questions without writing code simply because I just didn’t have enough time to do everything I needed to.

So what does this change in employment mean for Liquibase? Nothing but good things!

Liquibase remains and always will be a freely available open source project. At Datical, we know the value of a strong open source project and community, and my primary responsibility at Datical is to spend as much time on Liquibase as possible in order to improve it for ourselves and for everyone else. In short, my job is to do what I have always done but with more focus and more resources.

Now that I have full days worth of time to spend on Liquibase, I have already been able to pick up the pace of Liquibase releases plus keep up with the user forums. It has been great!

In the coming months, look for more great changes to Liquibase including:

  • Improved Documentation
  • More extensions (New Liquibase/Hibernate Extension should be out this week)
  • Regular and frequent releases
  • Easier use
  • Enhanced extension portal
  • More community interaction
  • Streamlined extension writing tools
  • More support and training options and opportunities

If you would like more information on Datical and DaticalDB you can always ask questions in the Liquibase forum or contact me directly at

Article author
Nathan Voxland Project Founder