March 7, 2022

February 2022 Community Recap

Before I share updates from the Liquibase Community, I want to acknowledge the unprovoked Russian War that is unfolding in Ukraine. To our colleagues, friends, community members, and all people of Ukraine, we stand with you.

We ask that you join us in standing by supporting the people of Ukraine. Our colleagues have recommended some trustworthy organizations to support.

Latest Releases

Liquibase 4.8.0 Released

This release includes community-contributed pull requests, Liquibase Community and Liquibase Pro bug fixes, and a new Liquibase Hub functionality: the init hub  subcommand. This connects your local Liquibase activity to Liquibase Hub and sets up the Liquibase environment to use Liquibase Hub.

Read the 4.8.0 release notes

Our community has built a lot. Thanks to everyone who contributes and helps make the Liquibase community strong, including the following contributors to the release.

Liquibase Legends Points Update for 2022

Thanks for your contributions to the Liquibase Community in 2021! 

As a reminder, your Liquibase Legends points reset for 2022. Don't worry! You'll keep 50% of the points you earned in 2020 & 2021. Your new point totals for 2022 are now reflected on the Legends leaderboard.

Check out all the things you can do to earn points in 2022!

Thanks for sharing your ideas for the 2022 Liquibase Roadmap!

Thank you to those who joined our Liquibase Roadmap Meetup earlier in February! If you missed the meetup, you can watch the recording at your leisure.

Liquibase Product Owner, Karen Taggart has collected everyone's ideas in our new Idea Portal. It's not too late to add your own!

Upcoming Events

March 10 - Liquibase Community Tech Talk: Liquibase Data - Versioning and Collaboration for Databases

With Liquibase Data, we’re bringing git to the database so you can easily version containerized databases, share changes with team members, store versions in remote locations, and tag versions.

Join Liquibase CTO, Robert Reeves and Senior Software Engineer, Derek Smart, in their demo and discussion around Liquibase Data on March 10 at 11am CST.

Content we Love

Thanks to all of the people in the community who share their stories, insights, and experience with Liquibase. Below are the top pieces of content from February.

Top Questions Asked in the Forum

These questions had the most views in our forum recently. Check out their answers from members of our community and comment with your own expertise!

Top Forum Supporters of the Month

Thank you to the following for supporting our community by answering the most questions in the Liquibase forum this month! See where they rank on the Liquibase Legends Leaderboard.

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

See you next month with more updates!

Caroline Hunt
Caroline Hunt
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