February 11, 2021

January Community Recap

While January may feel like the longest and slowest month of the year for some, for the Liquibase Community, the start of 2021 went by faster than combining lightning, a cheetah, and Usain Bolt. The start of the year brought many legendary things and we're excited to share them with you. Speaking of legendary... 

Liquibase Legends is here!

We�re excited to announce the new community Liquibase Legends Program!

Get recognized for your activities and contributions to the community! Compete with others and show off unique badges and accreditations. 

No matter your experience level or area of interest, we want to give you all the credit you deserve for your involvement in the community. Learn more about Liquibase Legends.

We launched not one, but two intermediate Liquibase University courses

Liquibase Commands for Troubleshooting: Gain a deeper understanding of all the available Liquibase commands and their practical application for troubleshooting purposes. It includes topics such as using commands for preventing and recovering from common errors, monitoring your deployments, and database migrations.

Liquibase and the CI/CD Process: Learn the basics of using Liquibase in the CI/CD process. It includes topics such as using automation tools with Liquibase, testing and embedding Liquibase in your automation process.

Don’t forget to crawl before you walk… grab that Fundamentals Certification first if you haven’t already at Liquibase University.  

Thanks for the feedback!

We appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us by taking the Liquibase 2020 Community Survey. Take a minute to read Pete’s blog sharing some of the interesting Liquibase Community insights.

We’re always open to more ideas on how to improve your experience, and we’d love to chat!

Content we love

Thanks to all of the people in the community who share their stories, insights, and experience with Liquibase. Below are the top pieces of content from January.

Top questions asked on the forum

These questions had the most views in our forum recently. Check out their answers from members of our community.

Top forum supporter of the month

Thank you to Rakhi Agrawal for supporting our community by answering the most questions in the Liquibase forum this month! See where she ranks on the Liquibase Legends Leaderboard.

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

See you in March with more updates!

Caroline Hunt
Caroline Hunt
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