December 10, 2020

Community Update for December

December has made its swift arrival and all too soon we’ll be closing out the infamous year that was 2020. Despite its somewhat egregious reputation, this year has brought many noteworthy developments in the Liquibase community and this past month was particularly exciting.

Liquibase 4.2: Why I upgraded and you should, too

  1. Easy access to reporting, monitoring, and insights via Liquibase Hub
  2. New and improved database support, including CockroachDB
  3. Hundreds of additional bug fixes and improvements including hotfixes and refinements to Spring Boot

You can read more about the specifics of 4.2 and how it also impacted Liquibase Pro in this blog.

Liquibase Hub: It’s free and it’s the future

Liquibase Hub

Liquibase Hub is a secure portal that provides real-time monitoring so Liquibase users can view reports to gain insight into their database change and deployment processes. Here are some highlights:

  • Database change & insights in one place
  • Real-time info on your db changes
  • Improve processes with data!

If you want help getting up and running, schedule a guided Hub Configuration and Usage session with our Developer Advocate, Ronak.

We’re starting something legendary: Introducing Liquibase Legends

Come the new year, we are launching our Liquibase Legends program! Get recognized for your contributions to the community, compete with others (if that’s your thing), and show off badges and accreditations. It’s not too late to get a sneak peek and provide feedback to our community team. Sign up for a feedback session!

Community Survey: Help us, help you

We’re collecting information from as many current Liquibase users as possible so that we know where to concentrate our efforts to create better functionality and support. Sincerely, this information is hugely helpful and appreciated! You’re the best for completing it! Take the survey.

Content we love

Thank you to all who have continued to support and contribute to Liquibase. As always, hop over to our community page to learn more about how to get involved.

Cheers to an epic year! See you in the New Year with more monthly updates.

Caroline Hunt
Caroline Hunt
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