June 10, 2021

Liquibase Recognized by DBTA in the Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data

Today, Database Trends & Applications announced Liquibase is on their Top 100 list: The Companies That Matter Most in Data.

“The past 15 months have provided an object lesson for all organizations in the importance of being agile and moving swiftly to address new challenges and opportunities. If companies were not dealing with enough already with burgeoning data volumes, expanding regulatory mandates, and new data security concerns, the ongoing pandemic added to the pressure and created heightened urgency for real-time, data-driven insights as well as more ubiquitous data access,” stated DBTA Group Publisher Tom Hogan, Jr. “Spanning a spectrum of approaches, the DBTA 100 showcases forward-looking companies that are improving and expanding upon existing technologies and processes to help their customers use data more effectively.”

Powered by open source innovation, Liquibase provides database schema change automation designed for high-speed CI/CD—delivering the automation capabilities developers and technology executives need to remove database deployments as a barrier to application innovation.

“We are thrilled that DBTA has recognized Liquibase as an innovative company that provides a key piece of technology that enables companies to get new features into the hands of their customers faster,” said Matthew Geise, VP of Marketing at Liquibase.“ Today’s technology leaders need to balance delivering software quickly with minimizing the risk of downtime as a result of bad database changes. We will continue to enable teams to use a DevOps approach to database change and deployment on-premise and in the cloud.”

About Liquibase

Application change is accelerating. Customer expectations are growing. Speed is everything. Continuous integration and delivery starts with developers. But it takes a team.

Schema changes can’t keep up with the pace of today’s app development. Without automation, CI/CD fails at the database.

Powered by open source innovation and supported by the experts who know it best, Liquibase is database schema change automation designed for high-speed CI/CD.

Liquibase accelerates database schema changes. Empowers teams to work more collaboratively. And brings stability and control to enterprise deployments.

Delivering on the promise of CI/CD for the database.

Fast database change. Fluid delivery.

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