May 3, 2018

Datical Announces the General Availability of Datical 5

Enterprise-class platform enhances database release visibility and increases developer productivity

AUSTIN, Texas – May 3, 2018 – Datical, the leading provider of database release automation, today announced the general availability of Datical 5, its enterprise-class platform for automating database releases to deliver efficiency, speed and risk reduction for database deployments.

Unveiled through a beta program in early February, Datical 5 speeds software deployment by providing a central command center to achieve a unified pipeline for application and database changes, freeing up time for development, test and database administration teams to create and deliver better application experiences — faster. For the first time ever, developers are now empowered to continuously manage and rework database code changes, allowing for seamless and efficient collaboration across the DevOps pipeline.

“As a trusted partner to hundreds of brands and retailers, delivering a seamless and efficient online client experience is core to our business, and we can’t afford any bottlenecks in our CI/CD process,” said Devon Siegfried, database architect, Radial. “Datical 5 helps us bring automation to the operations side of DevOps, clearing the path from development to production for the entire application, including the database. This not only gives more time back to database teams, but it also allows us to continue to bring new innovations to market that exceed client expectations.”

In additional, Datical announced new Datical 5 capabilities to its existing list of features:

SSIS Support

As organizations continue fueling key business decisions with data, there has been a growth in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workloads. However, as software releases accelerate and production database schemas evolve to support new capabilities, teams responsible for ETL processes are falling behind. To help organizations make decisions with the latest data, Datical has new capabilities to support Microsoft SSIS, one of the industry’s most popular ETL solutions. Specifically, Datical 5 can version SSIS packages and orchestrate when SSIS jobs are performed alongside schema changes. With these capabilities, organizations can effectively manage database releases and simultaneously coordinate ETL workloads to ensure that no data is lost in deliberating important business decisions or in meeting audit and compliance requirements.

Integration with Development Automation Tools

As organizations mature in their adoption of Agile and DevOps practices, the market has witnessed growing consumption of deployment automation and orchestration tools. These tools tie together individual automation tools and technologies, streamline approvals processes and provide a single pane of glass for stakeholders to manage the entire software development process. Datical plugins for XebiaLabs’s XL Deploy and IBM’s UrbanCode Deploy have been updated so that teams relying on Datical 5 and either of these deployment automation solutions can immediately bring the database into view as they orchestrate software releases.

“As enterprises continue to look for new ways to solve deployment challenges and modernize automation, Datical is at the forefront, empowering development teams with the tools needed to streamline the entire software development lifecycle,” said Pete Pickerill, co-founder and VP of product strategy, Datical. “Our new capabilities make it easy for application teams to focus on what is most important — the data.”


Datical 5 is now generally available. For more information, contact Datical.

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