July 13, 2021

Businesses that Choose to Win


Was your response to the most disruptive year, arguably in a lifetime, commensurately disruptive? Or were you satisfied with incremental adjustments? Across industries, smart enterprises have made wholesale changes to how they interact with consumers, build products, and interface with their ecosystems. Through just the first half of 2021, we’re already seeing evidence that innovative, adept enterprises are outperforming their more sluggish competitors. It’s likely the impact will be more pronounced over time.  

We are proud of the role we play in helping our customers win with technology. Even though we find ourselves in the middle of this wave, we are surprised by the pace of innovation. The market has concluded that you must either build quality software faster, including the database, or you lose.  

In our partnership with smart businesses that chose to win, we posted a banner first half:

  • We reached our ARR target for the entire year in just 6 months. 
  • We planned to burn $2M through the first half of the year, but instead generated $1M (even with heavy investment). 
  • We crushed our bookings goal, doubling our booking target in Q2. 

Celebrating the wins

I can’t say thank you enough to our customers that trust us to help them with managing their database changes and deployments. I’d like to thank our amazing community for allowing us to innovate in ways a proprietary company can only dream of doing. And special thanks to the incredible Liquibase team. I’m truly humbled by and beyond appreciative of your relentless commitment to delighting our customers and dedication to solving challenges.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2021

Our goals for the 3rd and 4th quarters are even more ambitious. Our continued success provides the ability to invest even faster in the items important to our customers and community. From Java and Angular developers to additional support team members, we�re ramping up our team to meet the needs of our growing user base. (If you're interested in joining our team, visit our Careers page.)

Focusing on quality

From interviewing and listening to our customers and community of users, we’ve uncovered the desire to maintain the quality, security, and stability of the database in a way that’s consistent and customizable in automation.

Preparing for the masses

There’s an increasing awareness around slow, manual database processes and their effect on data security as well as on customer and even developer experience. Including the database in DevOps and CI/CD plans is quickly becoming table stakes. As more and more teams seek out the most powerful tool with the best support available, we’ll be ready.

Dion Cornett
Dion Cornett
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