April 20, 2020

New Beta Program for Liquibase 4.0

Hey community, we are on our way to making Liquibase 4.0 a reality! This major release contains hundreds of bug fixes and improvements, merging dozens of Pull Requests and closing issues that were deferred while we made other progress. We appreciate your patience as we work through this.

To make Liquibase 4.0 solid and reliable, we are going to start a Liquibase 4.0 Beta program, which will make it easy and rewarding for anyone in the community – like you and you and you – to contribute in a more focused way.

Try as we might, it is just not possible for us to find, reproduce, test, and solve all problems for all users. Liquibase has always depended on the community to help with these things. We all know that together we can achieve far more comprehensive options for setup, deployment, technology stacks, and on-premise or cloud ecosystems.

Goals for Liquibase 4.0 Beta 1

Together, we will make this the best release of Liquibase ever! Here’s what we’ll accomplish with a successful Beta:

  • Ensure that the code works in as many situations as possible.
  • Uncover and share all the issues that keep you from working how you want to work
  • Improve the quality and stability of the Liquibase 4.0.0 Release for the whole community.

How you can help

Make sure Liquibase Beta 1 works for your environment and use case.

  • Find bugs and report them so anyone can work them.
  • Fix bugs by creating Pull Requests.
  • Create and improve documentation.

How the internal team will help

We promise to do our part. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Respond to your issues, pull requests, and documentation improvements.
  • Keep everyone updated with our collective progress throughout the Beta.
  • Be active and responsive on the Liquibase Beta Discord channel.
  • Openly review and integrate the contributions into additional Beta releases.
  • Integrate Beta releases into the official Liquibase releases.

Get started

Sign up to get updates on the Liquibase Beta Program:

Review the Liquibase Beta test goals.

Review the ways you can participate:

Get rewarded

Yes, there are rewards… good old monetary rewards! (Which pairs nicely with the warm, fuzzy feelings you’ll get from helping the thousands of fellow developers, DBAs, DevOps, and others who use Liquibase every day.)

As a special thank you, all contributors who submit issues, pull requests, or documentation feedback will be entered into a drawing for one of five $100 Amazon gift cards.*

Ok thanks for making it this far, and thank you for helping make the Liquibase Beta better! – mario

* Gift card recipients will be chosen using a random drawing generator. Recipients will be notified via email no more than 1 week after the Beta is complete. (We expect to complete the Beta within 8 weeks of its start date of April 20, 2020.) You must be in our Beta email contact list in order to be eligible for a gift card so that we have your email address on file.

Mario Champion
Mario Champion
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