May 19, 2021

Liquibase Congratulates Bancolombia for Database DevOps Innovation Award Recognition

Bancolombia recognized as innovative leader in approach to DevOps

AUSTIN, TX – May 19, 2021 — Liquibase, the company behind the most powerful community-led database change management solution, today congratulates customer Bancolombia for winning the 2021 Database DevOps Innovation Award from Database Trends and Applications (DBTA). Bancolombia was recognized as an innovative leader for its work modernizing and automating its database process using a DevOps approach.

“The team at Bancolombia is a prime example of how implementing DevOps for the database can deliver game-changing results for the banking industry. We congratulate Bancolombia on their achievement and we look forward to their continued success,” said Dion Cornett, President & CEO of Liquibase. “It’s clear that Bancolombia’s leadership team understands the importance of transformation and innovation to meet the high service expectations of banking customers.”

To execute on their vision, the DevOps and Database Management teams, led by Camilo Piedrahita Macías, championed a project to enable DevOps for database deployments across the organization for all applications regardless of environment or database.

“We were making great progress on our Agile, Cloud, and DevOps initiatives, but we noticed the weak link in the process was the database,” recalled Piedrahita. Automation existed for application development and releases but there was no automation within Bancolombia for changing the database. In order for the team to be successful, they needed a strategic partner to help implement, automate, and align the delivery of database changes. “We chose Liquibase because they resolved issues right away, validated our processes, and validated our strategies. “Liquibase support is faster than other tools in our environment and their integration with our tools is awesome,” said Piedrahita.

By including the database in their overall DevOps strategy, the Bancolombia team has experienced marked improvements in deployment frequency and the amount of time it takes to process changes. They’re also able to ensure that DBAs aren’t performing unnecessary, time-consuming work.

  • Database change process time went from 5 days to 1.8 days
  • Deploy cycle time went from an average of 1.5 days to 20 minutes
  • Deployment frequency went from 18 deployments every 90 days to an astounding 42 deployments per day

The Database DevOps Innovation Award is given to recognize the innovative work that enterprises are doing to modernize their data management processes through automation. It is an annual program, celebrating its 2nd anniversary in 2021. To learn more about Bancolombia’s award-winning story, view the DBTA award announcement.

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