March 10, 2020

Datical Achieves AWS Advanced Technical Partner Status

Big news! Datical is now an AWS Advanced Technical Partner. Here’s why it’s a big deal and how it helps customers both present and future.

How to become an AWS Advanced Technical Partner

AWS doesn’t just hand out this advanced technical partner designation to just anyone. There are many requirements that must be met:

First, you must have at least four AWS Technical Certified Individuals on-staff. This is a tough test that people in your organization have to pass in order to be considered for Advanced Technical Partner. At Datical, we’re lucky to have several super smart people that took the test and passed with flying colors.

Next, Amazon ensures that you have proven your experience with a minimum number of launched opportunities. Many of our customers are currently using Datical to manage schema changes across their AWS cloud environments.

Customer Success
Last, but not least, is customer success. In order to pass this bar, you must have at least 20 favorable customer satisfaction responses and a couple of publicly referenceable customers. Datical has some great customers that were excited to help us put this piece in place.

Why it matters

Many Datical customers are using AWS today. The ones that aren’t already there are heading to AWS soon. When we ask what is driving the move, our customers typically say that they want to cut costs. The other thing they tell us is that they also want to increase speed and flexibility for their application development teams.

Speedy, flexible database schema updates are vitally important to AWS customers because there’s no point in being able to deploy your application in seconds to AWS if you have to wait weeks for the database changes to deploy for your release. By not addressing the database, companies negate the benefits of moving to AWS and accelerating their application code development.

This partnership between Datical and AWS is important for any company that needs to deliver on the promised ROI of moving to the cloud. If you have AWS and aren’t using Datical to automate database schema changes, it’s a safe bet you still have a bottleneck at database deployment time and you’re still deploying at on-prem speeds.

Learn more about Datical’s new AWS Advanced Technical Partnership status by reading our press release. Read details about which databases are supported with Datical on AWS. If you’re interested in learning more details about using AWS with Datical check out the AWS DevOps Blog: How to Create an Automated Database Continuous Integration and Release Management Workflow with Datical and AWS.

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Robert Reeves
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