December 17, 2020

Celebrating our 255th Liquibase Fundamentals Certified learner

Since its launch in July of this year, Liquibase University has enabled learners from across the globe to earn their Liquibase Fundamentals Certification. These Liquibase users go on to improve their company’s processes one database deployment at a time with their newfound knowledge. While some heroes wear capes, we think Liquibase swag is much cooler, so we decided to surprise one special learner with a small gift. For what it’s worth, we didn’t just draw any learner from a hat, we specifically chose the lucky 255th learner.

Silvio jumped head first into Liquibase documentation. He kindly noted that our documentation and our website has improved quite a bit recently. From there, he got his feet wet and then jumped into configuring Liquibase with his test database.

What he liked about Liquibase Fundamentals

"It wasn’t boring!”

Because he is a non-native speaker, Silvio was relived that the content was very easy to follow and understand given that it wasn’t too technical. He enjoyed the mix of videos, general training, and tests to help explain many of the concepts. Silvio also appreciated learning some new tricks that he would have otherwise missed.

How Liquibase University has helped his team

I had plans to create some Liquibase training sessions for my team all on my own. With Liquibase University, I don’t have to use my time to train them.

Silvio works on a database support team and their changes were taking a lot of time. They knew they needed to automate, so they investigated Liquibase.

What he wants to see more of

He’d like to see more exercises for learners so they have the opportunity to practice what they are watching on the video. He also hopes for more advanced training modules.

Side note: Our team is working on this, so I think his wish just may come true!

His future using Liquibase

He wants to update to Liquibase Pro because his team is interested in the benefits of having targeted rollback and the integration with SQL*Plus. Until then, plans to use Liquibase to release early and often… “Releasing new versions to fix bugs and continuously making improvements. I think that’s the way.”

Congratulations, Silvio on completing your Liquibase Fundamentals Certification! Or as they say in Brazil, parabéns! Now, throw on your new Liquibase gear and deliver those database changes!

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Caroline Hunt
Caroline Hunt
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